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Azed 1983

Posted by Andrew on 6th June 2010


A relatively easy Azed this week – I managed to solve most of it without aids, with only the SW corner causing some difficulties. I can’t fully explain 18ac, and there seems to be a mistake in 24ac No, I was mistaken – see Bob Sharkey’s comment. However there does seem to be a mistake in 4dn Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian Genius 83 / Araucaria

Posted by mhl on 6th June 2010


We found it tough to get going with this puzzle, but once we’d got the theme of 7-letter characters from Shakespeare, and, I’m afraid to say, resorted to using Wikipedia’s lists from A to K and L to Z, progress was pretty quick. The 20 of these themed answers are packed into the grid with impressive density. In some senses it wasn’t too hard to guess the answers for this puzzle, but there are quite a number (particularly in the South East corner) where the clues were very difficult to parse. I’m indebted to Gaufrid and others for suggesting readings for some of these clues.

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Everyman 3322

Posted by Arthur on 6th June 2010


Nothing much objectionable here, but certainly not an easy one with some slightly more obscure words/phrases and once or twice I ended up knowing that it must be this set of letters, but just not knowing the word so having to have a bit of a guess followed by a verification (1 across is a perfect example of this). However there were a couple of lovely clues such as 16ac or 22dn with clever misdirection in the word “stud”. Read the rest of this entry »

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