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Private Eye/Cyclops 418 – Awful, awful, awful

Posted by beermagnet on June 7th, 2010


After last week’s triple “percent” wordplay, this week we have “awful” used as an anagrind in three different clues. So I’m afraid it walked into that blog title. Blam!
But it was quite a nice crossword. In fact, to paraphrase Niles from Frasier, better than perfect: What’s better than perfect? Something with one small failing that you can enjoy picking over, saying “Oh! awful again”.
It must’ve been quite simple because I did it on the train within that 30 mins on the Friday after the Sloggers & Betters, after a triple leaving do and didn’t fall asleep – it was close – it kept me interested and awake so I didn’t miss my stop, and when I looked later it was finished. As usual, some of the wordplay did not get fully untangled till blogging.

8 UNCOOL U[nlikely] (COLON)* AInd: replacement. Def: not hip
9 PRIVATES CD Nice one! Full Clue:
They serve as genitalia (8)
10 CULPRIT C[onservative], (RIP)* AInd: off, inside ULT (last month)
11/24/12 POKING YOUR NOSE IN POKING (screwing) YOUR NOSE (Eye reader’s organ) I (Cyclops) N[ame]
13 PRENATAL (LEAN PART[y])* AInd: awfully
14/16 GET ONES KNICKERS IN A TWIST GET ONES KNICKERS (Do some personal shopping a la Brenda, say) (A NITWITS)* AInd: mad. Def: panic
18 ORIFICES O (ring) IF inside RICE’S (Sir Tim’s)
21 ANGOLA [politici]AN, (GOAL) AInd: ruined. Another percentage wordplay (Politician’s last 20%)
23 SMITHS SM (Sadomasochism) (SHIT)* AInd: awful
24 YEW TREE (WET)* AInd drippy, inside ([thatche]R EYE)* AInd: possibly
25 JUNGFRAU J[ack], UN (a French), G[irl], (A FUR)* AInd: knotted.
26 SOLVER (LOVE)* AInd: mad, inside SR from S[educe]R – I like that wordplay: arms of seducer.
1 ANECDOTE (ANT DEC O)* AInd: production, E[lectronic] O from “sod all”
2 GOALIE GO (try) A LIE (a whopper)
3 FLORENCE (ROLF)< ([s]CENE)* AInd: awful
4 SPOT (TOPS)< This clue made easier to solve by the word SPOT appearing as the first word of the next clue!
5 PIMPLE PIMP (solicitor) LE[g] member losing lots of money
6 BACKPACK BACK (support) PACK (rugby players) This one took a while after thinking it started with (rugby players) PACK and wondering what SACK had to do with “attaching”. Full clue:
Bag attaching support to rugby players (8)
7 HERNIA HER (the woman), (IN A)* AInd: tizzy
13 PUKES P[enny] UK (the nation) Es (drugs)
15 OFFSTAGE OFF (bad taste) STAGE (section)
17 RELIEVED [waitros]E inside (DELIVER)* AInd: bananas.
19 RUMPUS RUMP (behind) US (Private Eye) Def: Big noise
20 CASTRO CAST (chucked) OR< or OR* reversal/AInd: misplaced. The most misleading clue and thus my favourite:
Leader chucked – alternative’s misplaced (6)
For some time I thought “Leader chucked” gave C, especially after getting that crossing first letter, and I wondered if COTHER meant misplaced, but the other checked letters resolved it, though it was the last one in. Still, it could make a reasonable dialect word: “E, I came over all of a cother!”
22 GURGLE G[ood] inside (GRUEL)* AInd: mushy

BA announcement::
Until further notice BA is not flying from the UK.
BA announced: “I ain’t getting on no plane you crazy fool!”

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 418 – Awful, awful, awful”

  1. Colin says:

    To be really picky, it’s either “Niles *from* Frasier” or “Niles Crane”. Not “Niles Frazier :)”.

  2. sidey says:

    Good grief Colin, you confused me there for a minute ;)

    Re % clues, setters seem to get a bit fixated on a particular ‘new’ clue type. % here, Azed chuks in one of those reverse anagram things every week atm eg huma = um and ha. I’m all for novelty but it can be pushed a bit far.

    Anyway (my word of the month), there are no comments on my saved copy sso good or above average.

  3. beermagnet says:

    We’re here to be picky Colin, so thanks for pointing out my lapse. Fixed to your first suggestion.

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