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Financial Times 13,406 / Phssthpok

Posted by Agentzero on June 8th, 2010


A fairly quick solve.  I’m unsure of the explanation for 12 across.  A good variety of clue types; I thought 16 across was amusing.

6 GLANCE N[ougat] in GLACE (iced)
9 WIDGET W (with) ID (passport, possibly) GET (obtain)
10 UNIFORMS UNI FORMS could be college applications
11 BENT HEAT double definition: thanks to Ferret I think the idea here is that HATE, a passion, can be anagrammed (twisted) into HEAT, another passion
12 EXTRACTION EX (former girlfriend) TRACTION (not sure why this is “first for breeding”) (pulling); “breeding” is the definition; thanks again to Ferret
14 ABRIDGED A B[old] RIDGE (bank) D[own]
16 ICON “I con,” a fraudster might say
18 EBBS E[ngligh] B[ig] B[rother] S[aturday]
19 MELODIES MELO[n] (fruit almost) DIES (perishes)
21 ALLEGIANCE EG (say) in ALLIANCE (marriage)
22 EMUS [b]EMUS[e] (endlessly bewilder)
24 DJIBOUTI hidden in spreaD JIB OUT In
27 STROVE R (run) in STOVE (furnace)
28 NEST EGGS EGG (urge) in NESTS (homes)
3 RIGHTS ISSUE RIGHT (legal entitlement) S (succeed) ISSUE (children)
5 FOURTH DIMENSION *(TIME SO UNHEARD OF IN minus A[lbert] E[instein])  “Time” is part of the anagram fodder, so I think this is meant to be an &lit., i.e., the whole phrase is the definition
6 GUITAR GUI (Graphical User Interface = “Windows, perhaps”) TAR (sailor)
7 AGO Half of AGO[uti], which is a guinea pig
8 COMMODORE OR (gold) in COMMODE (chest)
15 BUBBLEJET BUBBLE (hollow) JET (black); a kind of printer
17 CLUELESS Initial letters of “Crossword Lover Using English Language, Explaining Some Solving”
20 MINUTE triple definition, “record,” “very small” and “amount of time”
23 UNPEG UN (peacekeepers) PE (exercise) G (German capital)
25 BOO BOOB (blunder) minus B[ishop]

5 Responses to “Financial Times 13,406 / Phssthpok”

  1. Ferret says:

    In 12a, the first refers to ‘ex’ going before ‘traction’ giving extraction, as in being of good extraction….

    Spot on with Wndows being a GUI

  2. Ferret says:

    I had 11a as bent?

  3. JamesM says:


    Like AZ I also had HEAT for 11a. Never really thought about it as invariably PASSION = HEAT.

    However, on second thoughts, I am sure that you are right. BENT is a far better solution.

    Thank you. I stand corrected!

  4. Agentzero says:

    Thanks very much, Ferret. I’ve fixed the blog on both points.

    Was completely misled by thinking that “pulling” was the definition for “extraction” in 12a (as in teeth).

  5. Lisa says:

    For 11A, I came up with “ZEST.” (“Twisted” made me think of a twist of lemon, and of course “zest” means both citrus peel and enthusiasm.) But now I see “BENT” is a much better answer.

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