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Financial Times 13,399 – Dante

Posted by Uncle Yap on June 10th, 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 31 May 2010
Back to the delightful Dante, master of the smooth surface. As usual, very slick but all too easy.

1 SIESTA *(east is) I do not find this a satisfactory clue. The wording would indicate the reversal of East is or SITSAE and going west cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be construed as an anagram indicator
4 MARCIA Rev of AI (first class) CRAM (stuff)
8 ALABAMA Cha of A L (a student or Learner) A BA (a Bachelor of Arts degree) MA (Master of Arts degree)
9 REQUEST RE (about) QUEST (goal)
12 SLIP dd a creamy paste of clay and water for coating, decorating and casting pottery.
13 LOOFA Rev of A FOOL (an idiot) and of course a loofa is used when one is bathing in the nude (barely used, that’s rich)
14 CAMELLIA CAMEL (beast of burden) LIA (Rev of AIL, trouble)
16 KNITWEAR cd but why cast-off?
18 RUING Ins of I (one) in RUNG (called)
20 TSAR TS (Rev of ST,saint or holy man) A R (Rex or king)
21 DISMISSIVE Di’s (girl’s) Missive (letter)
23 CITIZEN not a very good cd and would have been impossible to solve without crossing letters
24 RELIEVE R (Rex or king, another repeated device in the same puzzle … see 20Across) ELI & EVE (two biblical characters)
25 EDISON Rev of NO SIDE (team)
26 ASCEND *(dances)

1 SALVO ha
2 EMBARGO E (English) MB (Bachelor of Medicine or doctor) ARGO (Jason’s ship in Greek mythology)
5 AMEND AM (ante meridiem, before noon, in the morning) END
6 COUNSEL Allusion to to keep one’s counsel is to keep one’s own business private; to be discreet, careful, or circumspect in what one says concerning one’s own thoughts, deeds, or situation.
7 ABSEILING AB (able-bodied seaman or sailor) SEILING (sounds like sailing, navigating yacht)
13 LANDSLIDE cd When there is a substantial swing to one political party in an election, there could well be a landslide, given the first-past-the-post Westminster method of winning a seat
15 MARTINETS *(in matters)
17 TERMINI *(interim)
21 DIEGO DI (rev of I’D) EG (for example) O (ring)
22  VIVID VI (six in Roman numerals) VI D (500)

Key to abbreviations

dd = double definition
dud = duplicate definition
tichy = tongue-in-cheek type
cd = cryptic definition
rev = reversed or reversal
ins = insertion
cha = charade
ha = hidden answer
*(fodder) = anagram

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,399 – Dante”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thanks, Uncle Yap, for another fine blog in a lonely place.
    Just like you, I am puzzled by 1ac (SIESTA).
    Is it a mistake?
    My (English) Partner-in-Crime explained KNITWEAR to me last week, but … um … I forgot. Sorry, I’ll ask again, if no-one else turns up with an explanation.
    Apart from that, nice crossword – indeed easier than usual.

  2. Gaufrid says:

    Hi U Y
    In 1ac ‘going west’ can indeed be an anagram indicator. For ‘go west’ Chambers gives “… to be destroyed or completely dissipated”.

    16ac. The last thing one does when knitting something is ‘cast off’, to seal the end to prevent it from unravelling, so this is a cd.

  3. Uncle Yap says:

    Thank you, Gaufrid, you are most erudite.

    Sorry, Dante, for doubting your total accuracy in 1A and 16A. I am indeed smarter today than yesterday.

  4. Rufus says:

    Thank you Gaufrid for your posting – at 1 a.m?!! When do you sleep?

    Collins may make these two clearer:

    GO WEST: To be lost or destroyed

    CAST OFF: To knot (a row of stitches, esp.the final row) in finishing off knitted or woven material.

    to UY: your apology is accepted, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks yet again for your excellent blogs and spreading your crossword knowledge. I am often consoled by the old adage – “a man who never makes mistakes never made anything”.

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