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Financial Times 13,408 – Orense

Posted by smiffy on June 10th, 2010


I found very little to comment on today.  Hope that’s not a Wildean case of “The only thing worse than being talked about, is not…”.  The longer anagrams at 21A and 13D were neatly handled; other than that – a brownie point or two for originality at 5D.

1 BROUGHAM - B(ishop) + rough + A.M.
6 DONORS - n in doors.
9 TUNDRA – Dr in tuna.
10 DEVELOPS - (love)* in (sped)<.
11 BEAR - double def’n.
12 RELENTLESS - RE + lent + less.
14 VIRTUOSO - virtuous,  with so replacing U.S.
16 ABET - (Honest) Abe + t(ime).
18 SPOT - (post)*.  I found “traumatic” to be an underwhelming anagrind.
19 TRAVERSE - t{u}r{n} + averse.
21 CRUSTACEAN - (tuna scarce)*.
22 OMAN - 0 + man.
24 KANGAROO- double def’n/allusion.
26 NUDGES - {ni}g{ht} in nudes. The letter ‘g’ seems to lend itself better than most to these non-Ximenean type indicators (e.g. “midnight”, “Gateshead”, “pigtail”).
27 STALKS - s{pace} + talks.
28 DISTRESS - di{ners} + stress.

2 ROUTE - rout + E.
3 UNDERSTATES - (student years)* – {mone}Y. Undertones of the Bullingdon Club and David Cameron in the surface reading??
4 HEADROOM - (a door)* in hem.
5 MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD - Possibly the most setter-friendly (i.e. over-used) 15-letter answer of all-time?  Although, this is by far the most amusing treatment of it that I can recall seeing.  Raising a smile from a cliched phrase is no mean feat.  I was only familiar with the Average White Band from the song “Let’s Go Round Again”, although it would appear that most of their catalogues pre-dated this.
6 DIVINE - D{rink} I{t} + vine.
7 NIL - Nil{e}.
8 REPOSSESS - {l}ossses in reps.
13 LEASEHOLDER - (does all here)*
15 IMPORTANT - import + ant.
17 WARNINGS - (a + RN)in wings.
20 CADRES - (scared)*.
23 AREAS - hidden.
25 GEL - (leg)<.

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,408 – Orense”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi smiffy
    You have a minor typo in 2dn, ‘roue’ should be ‘rout’ and I think you have missed a word out of the second sentence in your preamble.

  2. smiffy says:

    Thanks for the (typically polite) editorial services, Gaufrid. Was trying to play catch-up too hastily (and not helped by typing the intro while fielding a phonecall!).

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