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Independent 7381 by Phi (Saturday Prize Puzzle 12 June 2010)

Posted by duncanshiell on 17th June 2010


My most recent Inquisitor blog was a puzzle by Phi, as is this.  I said in the Inquisitor blog that I enjoy Phi’s cluing.  It is unambiguous and often very clever.

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Independent 7,385/Tees

Posted by Ali on 17th June 2010


Thursdays are never particularly easy in the Indy and, after an initial run through of the clues on this one, I thought I’d be relying heavily on the online cheat facility by the time I got to work. Once I eventually cracked the long anagram though, the grid opened up and I managed to polish it off just before I got off the bus.

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Beelzebub 1,059 (06/06/2010)

Posted by Simon Harris on 17th June 2010

Simon Harris.

Apologies for a delayed post again. The usual top quality puzzle, with the bonus of several good long anagrams this week. I think I found this one of average difficulty, but made life harder for myself by writing in SERENE at 21dn without fully understanding why.

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Independent on Sunday 1061 by Quixote 13th June 2010

Posted by Handel on 17th June 2010


A pleasant offering this week, very much at the easier end of the scale, we felt. 8dn (pastern) was the only real stumbling block, mainly because we struggled to get ‘postern’ out of our heads for some reason. We will be away in France as of Monday, so will be absent from your screens for a week!

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Financial Times 13,414 – Jason

Posted by smiffy on 17th June 2010


A well-balanced mix of tractability and trickiness . I came unstuck in the SW quadrant, due to an over-impulsive stab at 17D, but overall the answers manifested themselves  at a satisfyingly steady and consistent pace.  Leaving me ample time to devote to celebrating St Gondulphus of Berry’s feast day.


1 WILDFOWL – wild + f + owl.
5 TWELVE – t + we + l + v(iz) + {hous}E.
9 SINFULLY – (silly fun)*.
10 FRINGE – ring in Fe.
11 BARONESS – (r + on) in (bases)*.  When it comes to the ‘peer’ group, I always seem to forget about baronesses.  At least, on this occasion, it wasn’t, erm, caught short by the other more cryptic usage.
12 FRUSTA – (surf)< + ta.  These are “slices of bodies” in the geometric sense.
14  GO FOR BROKE - R in (forge book)*.  One could quibble about the arm’s-length anagrind, perhaps.
18 ARITHMETIC – (term t’ai chi)*.  The definition and anagram fodder segue together neatly, via ‘summer term’.
22 BATHOS – Bath (erstwhile Aquae Sulis) + (so)<.
23 BONA FIDE – (naf{f} + I{nvective}) in bode.
24 DAINTY - NT replacing L in daily (e.g. the FT).
25 HESITATE - (ties)* in hate.
26 SKEWER - w in (reeks)<.  My initial error at 17D led to hold-ups here – trying to justify SCENTS to fit the checkers of S_E_T_.
27 RAP SHEET – (a PS) in (three)*.  Given my struggles over the preceding clue, I was excessively misled by the  use of ‘previous’ to denote a criminal record (rather than as a cross-reference to 26).

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Guardian 25,039 / Paul

Posted by manehi on 17th June 2010


I’m possibly a little jaded against loose setting having just come out of exams, but this wasn’t my favourite Paul. Maybe 3 and 5 will look better in the morning.

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Financial Times 13,405 – Mudd

Posted by Uncle Yap on 17th June 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 7 June 2010
A nice change from the easier Dante and Crux.  Mudd employs some devices which are unusual and therefore challenging for a Monday. Most entertaining as well as a gentle introduction to the FT week.

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Financial Times 13,404 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 17th June 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of June 5
Cincinnus regales us with another selection of clues many of which are so simple they seem almost obvious but are really brilliant. My faves this week are 2D (ABRIDGE), 5D (SOLEMN), 10D (MEDITERRANEAN) and 18D (RECKONS).

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