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Financial Times 13,404 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on June 17th, 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of June 5
Cincinnus regales us with another selection of clues many of which are so simple they seem almost obvious but are really brilliant. My faves this week are 2D (ABRIDGE), 5D (SOLEMN), 10D (MEDITERRANEAN) and 18D (RECKONS).

1. GRAFTER – G (good) + RAFTER (supported). Hard worker is a rather obscure meaning for grafter.
5. SWITCH – double definition. I gather that Rod Stewart, arguably the best known Rod, has been observed wearing a hairpiece.
8. TORMENTIL – TORMENT (plague) + I (one) + L (left)
9. PRIAM – A (article) in PRIM (strait-laced)
11. HEDGE – HED (he would) + GE[t] (get time off)
12. LAMPOONED – anagram of AN OLD POEM
13. PIECRUST – anagram of PUTS RICE
15. SPOILT – PO (river) in SILT (sediment)
17. CURACY – CU (copper) + RACY (indecent)
19. SCOUT CAR – cryptic definition
22. UNCONCERN – UN (a Parisian) + CONCERN (business)
23. ALPHA – cryptic definition
24. EVOKE – OK (fine) in EVE (one who raised Cain)
25. PIROUETTE – ROUE (rake) in PIT (deep hole) + T[re]E (hollow tree)
26. ESPRIT -anagram of PRIEST. I have this strange memory of sitting in a French restaurant called Piret’s about 20 years ago and figuring out all the anagrams of its name!
27. ORTOLAN – hidden word

1. GET THE PICTURE – double definition
2. ABRIDGE – A (a) + BRIDGE (connection)
3. THERE – hidden word
4. RUTHLESS – RUTH (a woman) + LESS (not so)
5. SOLEMN – SOLE (only) + M[a]N (fellow without a)
6. IMPROMPTU – IM (Cincinnus is) + PROMPT (ready) + [ramea]U
7. CHIANTI – CH (church) + I[reland] + ANTI (not in favour of)
14. RACONTEUR – cryptic definition
16. SCENARIO – anagram of IN COARSE
18. RECKONS – anagram of CONKERS. The surface evokes an intriguing picture of bewigged gentlemen playing like schoolboys.
20. CAPITAL – double definition? Excellent is a fine definition for capital but “in Islamabad I may be” does not seem to me to quite do it. Am I missing something?
21. DESPOT – S[hocks] in DEPOT (store)
23. ADULT – A (a) + DUL[l] (mostly dreary) + T (time)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,404 by Cincinnus”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Yes, Pete, another fine offering from Cincinnus.

    13ac (PIECRUST) is an anagram of ‘puts rice’ – ‘pictures’ is that as well.
    Just a [useless] thought.

    Very good anagram annex surface in 12ac (LAMPOONED).
    As you say – MEDITERRENEAN is another splendid anagam, especially because ‘at sea’ is normally an anagrind but not here [‘sea’ is the definition].

    I did like CAPITAL, too.
    Indeed, ‘excellent’ is ‘capital’.
    And Islamabad is a capital [of Pakistan].
    And the letter I is the capital in the word ‘Islamabad’.

    Finally, a remark on 3d.
    Answer: THERE – Definition: ‘on the spot’.
    Only a few days before, Mr C, as Orlando (Guardian 25,032 – 9th June), had: “In a difficult situation there”.
    Answer: ON THE SPOT – Definition: ‘there’.

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Hi Sil,

    Thanks as always for your input. And thanks for filling me in on the I in Islamabad.

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