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Private Eye/Cyclops 419 – Big Nancy

Posted by beermagnet on June 21st, 2010


I must be getting better at these.
Another Eye crossy that was knocked off without raising a sweat.
The long giveaway answer gave away lots of crossing letters and everything else slotted in with no hold-ups.

6 LANCER L[arge], (ACNE)* AInd: riddled, R[ight]
7 ST GEORGE ST (Way – street), E[nergy] inside GORGE (get stuffed)
11 PRESS GANG PRESS (smooth) GANG (party)
12 LADEN DD “The terrorist leader finally”
13/14/21 DO YOU REALISE WHO I AM DD that is almost a Single Def. I found this clue a bit weak given how guessable it is from the enumeration. Double defs: “Question …type” and “pissed off … recognition”:
Question from self important type pissed off by apparent lack of recognition? (2,3,7,3,1,2)
17 SKINFUL [barac]K inside SINFUL
19 OILSKIN OIL (Grease) SKIN (strip)
22 GNASH [pa]N[ts] inside GASH (split)
25 LIT UP DD “Lit up” to mean drunk seems very old fashioned but it has appeared in more than one crossword lately
27 OVERSPENT OVERS (Maidens possibly) PENT (restrained)
28 SOAP STAR SOAP’s TAR (gets sailor in a lather) Def. “Windsor, for one” refs Barbara of that ilk Oh! She changed her name to Windsor from Deeks – did that sound too German?
29 JIGSAW JIG (tool positioning aid) SAW (looked) I am not going to refer to Heskey
1 SLIP A DISC (A PILS)< (knocking back a lager), DISC (floppy maybe)
2 SNEEZY DD Ref Disney’s presciently named septet, and yes, a sneeze is an ejaculation; it is also what Bunter did when talking to Bob Cherry about Old Quelchy.
3 GET STUFFED Double Def – nice one:
Olive might … bugger off (3,7)
4 STIGMA (GITS)< (Bastards turning over) MA (the old lady)
5/20 WELL ENDOWED WELL (Spring) END (tip) O (ring) WED (joined)
8 REDNECK RED (embarassed) NECK (snog)
9 EDNA E (Amphetamine) AND< (too up) Should we nitpick here: For E to come from amphetamine we must recognise that E is from Ecstacy which is MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxy-N-methamphetamine) which is one of several derivatives from amphetamine but isn’t strictly amphetamine (aka speed) itself. I suppose it is in the “family” amphetamine. I also suppose no-one had too much trouble with this clue.
10 BARREL ERR (balls up) inside LAB (party) all reversed
15 IDLE GOSSIP IDLE (unemployed) GO (a crack – a try) (PISS)* AInd: off
16 ON THE TOWN (NOT)* AInd: knackered, (HE WON’T)* AInd: maybe.
Hang on, there was no Nancy in “On the Town” So here the town is Nancy in Lorraine, not New York, New York
18 INERTIA IN (Trendy), ER (TV Series), (IT)* AInd: Off, A
19 OODLES [n]OODLES Last in – but it didn’t put up a fight when I looked at it with a steely glint
23 AGEIST Hidden in: frottAGE IS Truthfully
26 PISS (SIP)< (drink up), S[econd]

I can’t help thinking that if you are in South Africa with three lions on your chest you’ve got more to worry about than who’s going win the football.

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 419 – Big Nancy”

  1. Bellers says:

    Twisted my knickers over English and American spelling in this one. Disc or disk? Nowadays, the ‘k’ seems ubiquitous when referring to a 3.5″ floppy. And who would write ‘discette’? Prevaricated over ‘realise’ as well. Apparently, it’s mostly about whether the word derives from Greek (-ize) or a Romance language (-ise), but the OED spell it ‘realize’, arguing that all -ise point to Athens.

  2. FumbleFingers says:

    I’ve always felt that dictionaries should reflect usage, not dictate it (I’m not a fan of French efforts to control / prevent the further evolution of their language).

    Sensing a note of disdain in your “But the OED spell it ‘realize'”, I did my own exhaustive research. Google gives 23m hits for the ‘s’ spelling, and 90m for ‘z’, so I think they’re getting it right whatever the reasons. Though I’m surprised OED don’t list the alternative at all, since it clearly has considerable currency.

  3. sidey says:

    FumbleFingers, the OED lists ‘realise’ if you click the Spellings button.

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