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Guardian 25,041 (Sat 19 Jun)/Araucaria – Suit you Sir

Posted by rightback on 26th June 2010


Solving time: 12 mins

Another themed puzzle from Araucaria with lots of references to playing cards, both in clue answers and wordplay. I found this a pleasant enough puzzle with few significant quibbles but nothing really standing out either.

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Enigmatic Variations No. 919 Go-getters by Ifor

Posted by twencelas on 26th June 2010


Well – a seriously convoluted pre-amble this week. Pausing only for a sharp intake of breath, here goes – Removal of abbreviations from one clue in each even numbered down column and rearrangement of the result into a new word; 6 clues contain superfluous letter pairs, which must be identified and removed prior to solving the clue and Extra letters in the wordplay of all bar the answers, that have had abbreviations removed. And that’s not all – another sharp intake of breath – then you need to determine a word (not in Chambers) , which is to be entered as the title of the puzzle, which itself is derived, in some manner, from the additional letters in the wordplay and to finish it off the final grid is to be adjusted to achieve an “objective”. Enough to make the casual crossword -solver wait for next week’s offering, or reach for the Sudoku.  But – all in all the ingredients for a very interesting few hours cogitation. Definitely, in my view, the toughest one I’ve blogged yet. And for my second blog in a row the recommended use of a pencil first!

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