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Financial Times 13,416 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on July 1st, 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of June 19
I found this puzzle considerably more challenging than most Cincinnuses although not quite as difficult as that really tough one he gave us a while back. I am unable to figure out the wordplay of 10A but am guessing that GLORIA is the solution as it is the only word I can find that fits. I think the stand-out clues here are 9A (CONSERVE), 13A (DETRACTOR) and 11D (STAB).

1. NUPTIALS – anagram of SUP[p]LIANT
5. PUTSCH – PUTS (places) + CH[e] (Guevara mostly)
9. CONSERVE – CONS (cheats) + R[esentment] in EVE (woman)
10. GLORIA – ??? (See comment below)
12. TRUST – homophone (“trussed”)
13. DETRACTOR – anagram of ROTTER CAD
14. SHOGUN – SHO[t]GUN (timeless weapon)
16. BESIDES – B[lu]E + SIDES (teams)
19. HARLECH – [c]HARLE[s] + CH (church)
21. CANOPY – AN (article) in COPY (ape)
23. COMBATIVE – COMB (hairdresser) + EVITA (musical) backwards
25. DECAY – homophone (“DK”)
27. ORGANIST – anagram of ROASTING
28. TUNDRA – DR (physician) in TUNA (fish)
29. FORT KNOX – homophone (“fought knocks”)

1. NICETY – ICE T (rapper) in NY (US state)
2. PEN-PUSHER – PEN (prison) + PUSHER (speed merchant, perhaps)
3. INEPT – I (one) + NEPT[une] (god – not one in France)
4. LIVED-IN – LIVE (quick) + DIN (row)
6. UGLY AS SIN – anagram of SLAYING US
7. SPRAT – double definition referencing Jack Sprat
8. HEAT RASH – HE (the man) + A (a) + TRASH (bunk)
11. STAB – BATS (out of one’s tree) backwards
15. GRENADIER – anagram of NEAR RIDGE
17. DEPICTION – E[lysee] P[alace] in DICTION (a manner of speaking)
18. CHICK LIT – L (line) in CHIC KIT (smart gear)
20. HAIL – double/cryptic definition
21. CHEERIO – CHEER (encourage) + [l]IO[n]
22. SYNTAX – anagram of NASTY + X (times)
24. MASON – MA + SON (family members)
25. DRAFT – double definition

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,416 by Cincinnus”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Hi Pete,
    I agree with you that this crossword was harder than usual.
    Don’t know exactly what was different this time, maybe the cluing was a little bit more ‘layered’ [if you know what I mean].
    And it had some unusual devices like the homophone in 25ac (DECAY).
    That said, I think it was a very clever crossword.

    Lots of candidates for the Clue of the Day.
    The surface of 9ac (CONSERVE) was Cincinnus at his very best.
    A concise neat anagram in 27ac (ORGANIST) with an appropriate indicator.
    Agree that STAB was another winner, just like HARLECH (19ac).

    Re GLORIA:
    it is LOR (‘Blimey!’) with GI (‘man in service’) coming around, with A

  2. Pete Maclean says:

    Ah, ‘lor’ stirs something in the depths of my memory, yes. Thanks for the explanation. And I heartily agree about 9ac.

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