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Azed 1987: Between overs…

Posted by jetdoc on 4th July 2010


While many of you were watching England’s unfortunate demise in South Africa last Sunday, I was sitting on the top deck of an almost deserted Lord’s pavilion, watching a T20 match between the Pakistanis and an MCC side featuring Brian Lara and a rather entertaining chap aptly called Blizzard, and captained by Sourav Ganguly. I think I made the better call.

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Everyman 3326

Posted by Arthur on 4th July 2010


I have to say I didn’t really enjoy this one. Compared to the tight cluing of the best Everymans (Everymen?) this seemed to be quite sloppy in places. For example, 5dn is a clue that fits the answer, but there is no way you could be sure that it was the correct answer until you had plenty of other letters –  so not a great clue in the sense that you couldn’t get the answer from it alone. I don’t completely ‘get’ everything that’s going on in 21ac either… Any help much appreciated! Read the rest of this entry »

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