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Independent 7402 by Dac

Posted by nmsindy on July 7th, 2010


I thought this had everything you could ask for in a puzzle at the easier end of the Indy spectrum.  Flawless clues, excellent surface readings, easier wordplay for the less familiar answers.   Solving time, 22 mins.

Favourites today PROSAIC, PAID, RIDING BOOTS (best of all), KINGPIN, HEWING.

* = anagram

1 SQUARES     Double definition   matches = squares (vb)

5 PROSAIC     P (parking)  I (one) in (CAR SO)*

9 GEORGE ELIOT     As it happens, nmsindy’s favourite writer so guessed early on.   It reverses TOILE (material)   EG  (say)  ROEG  (Nicolas, English film director).    Reversal indicated by ‘circulated’.

10 BRA    from BRA(g)

11 VARLETRY     Archaic word for ‘rabble’    (TRAVEL)*  RY (railway)

13 DOSSER     heaD  (SORES)*

15 ANDY      handy = useful to have around.     Take away the two  hs.

16 GARAGE BAND    Amateur music (rock) group.     RAGE (madness) in GAB (chat) AND (with)

18 CONFIDENCE     Seamless join at secret/identity.     ID (identity) in CON (criminal) FENCE (receiver of stolen goods).

19  WONK    A person with an obsessive interest in one subject, definition, swot.   Ken Turner tells us to turn ‘ken’ = ‘know’ around.     Had a quick look to see if there was a Ken Turner the clue might refer to, there are a few Ken Turners turned up by Wikipedia but none jumped out as esp relevant but happy to be advised otherwise.    The clue is of course perfectly fine without any such reference.   Clue writing convention permits the false capital for Turner.

22 ABBESS     A  BiBlE  (regularly = alternate letters)  SS (Sunday School)

23 Oscar PETERSON      Think from previous puzzles, Dac may have an interest in jazz.   PET (favourite), ER (Elizabeth) SON (Charles, son of ER)

25 TAO    first letters of That Affects Oriental, indicated by ‘leaders’  &lit, I guess

26 MOUNTAIN TOP     (NATION OUT)* in PM reversed

28 RE  (engineers)  SERVE (perform duties)      18 is CONFIDENCE  so defn is ‘lack of confidence’

29 REGIMEN    Regiment less t (time)


1  SEGOVIA      GOV (ruler) I (one) in SEA (main).    A town in Central Spain

2 UNO     Hidden in fUN Occasionally.     Got this from the wordplay, it was unknown to nmsindy and also to his dicts, but a quick look at Wikipedia reveals it as a well-known game played with special  cards.

3 RUGGER     RUGGE(d)  (rough)   R (right)   &lit, I guess

4 SHEARWATER    A in (WAS THERE)*  R (river)

5 PAID     P (penny or pence – small amount of money)  AID (charity)

6 OUTMODED   MO (moment = time) in (DUDE TO)*

7 AMBASSADOR’S     AM (American) BASS (singer) A  (Diana) DORS = former pin up.

8 CHARRED    “chard”

12 RIDING BOOTS     RID (free) IN G (good)  BOOTS (chemists – UK chain)

14 MANCHESTER   Ref  Manchester United FC    MAN (player) and last letters of stepS ouT

in CHEER (show of support)

17 MIDSOMER    This refers to long-running TV series Midsomer Murders.   DSO (Distinguished Service Order) in MIMER (speechless actor)

18 CHATTER    horse = heroin = H in CATTER(y)

20 KINGPIN    very well hidden in drinKING PINts.    Definition:  VIP

21 HEWING    HugE   WING (portion of poultry)     Definition:  cutting

24 MULE    Double definition,   drug courier and item of footwear

27 TOM Cruise     Actor   TO (as far as) M (Malta – international vehicle registration)

7 Responses to “Independent 7402 by Dac”

  1. Paul A says:

    9AC – Should be Nicolas ROEG . I was having fun trying to get George Lucas in – thought the English was just an E

  2. Ali says:

    Great puzzle as always from Dac. So many clean surface readings, with 13A just pipping 12D as my clue of the day. Had to admit defeat on SEGOVIA and VARLETRY though.

    Most of what I know about George Eliot I owe to your debut Listener puzzle Niall, so I would have guessed you’re a fan!

  3. walruss says:

    Segovia also 1st Marquis of Salobreña. Very nice, simple puzzle, elegantly clued.

  4. Scarpia says:

    Thanks nms.
    As you say,a very good,fairly clued puzzle,with a good mix of clue devices.
    I was also unfamiliar with “uno”,but easily solved from the wordplay.
    Favourite clues 18 and 19 across and 18 and 21 down.

  5. flashling says:

    Apart from putting in outdated in 6dn initially whilst thinking Dac had made an error, silly me, otherwise quite a good enjoyable solve. So what’ve we got tomorrow? A lot of recent Thursdays have been really tricky if Eimi hasn’t set it 😉

  6. Moose says:

    19a?? 18d?? Gave up after I got 6 clues.Just when I thought I was getting the hang of the ‘I’ crosswords! Ah well! Maybe finish tomorrow’s

  7. Moose says:

    P.S must have been the mention of Man U that put me off!!

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