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Financial Times 13,438 – Orense

Posted by smiffy on 15th July 2010


One of those puzzles where I found the longer answers came very readily, which provided a solid skeleton from which to flesh out the rest without too much anguish.  Didn’t (or still don’t) totally grasp the full intent of the three clues that featured question or exclamation marks (16A, 2D, 26D), although the answers themselves are readily apparent.

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Independent 7,409/Anax

Posted by Ali on 15th July 2010


Don’t think I’ve had to blog an Anax before, but I’ve been a fan of his puzzles since his arrival on the Indy scene round about this time last year. This kept up the good streak and was characteristically tricksy, though not impossible. There’s a nice message in the left and right unches and more than a hatful of excellent clues. All in all, a hugely enjoyable 5D!

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Independent on Sunday 1065 by Quixote – 11 July 2010

Posted by Handel on 15th July 2010


Another gentle puzzle that was well suited to a pub-based solve.  Didn’t know ‘shooting brake’ but the anagram was clear enough and didn’t suggest anything else. Always nice to learn something from a crossword!

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Guardian 25,063 – Rover

Posted by Andrew on 15th July 2010


A second posthumous puzzle from Rover, and once again, sadly, not one that I can be enthusiastic about. 4dn stands out as a very nice clue, but the rest is rather 6dn, and with a few niggles. I can’t fully explain 11ac.

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Financial Times 13,429 – Dante

Posted by Uncle Yap on 15th July 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 5 July 2010
Another Monday, another gentle way to start the FT week with Dante, maestro of the slick and the smooth

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Financial Times 13,428 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on 15th July 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 3
Oh, I do so like dodos playing an old record (14A), some fine sashimi (15D) and the simple but elegant ally who keeps his mouth shut (22D). Oh, and 12A is surely another winner, not to mention LOSER.

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Inquisitor 1133 – Right(?) by Lato

Posted by duncanshiell on 15th July 2010


The preamble told us that single extra letters indicated by wordplay in 25 clues spell out part of a quotation whose missing ingredients are exemplified in the 10 thematic answers.  In the prevailing spirit of harmony, clues for the thematic items were mixed, comprising a definition of one thematic answer and wordplay for another.  Solvers had to highlight the one unclued entry which describes the quotation.

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