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Financial Times 13,428 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on July 15th, 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 3
Oh, I do so like dodos playing an old record (14A), some fine sashimi (15D) and the simple but elegant ally who keeps his mouth shut (22D). Oh, and 12A is surely another winner, not to mention LOSER.

1. TROLLOPE – TROLLOP (baggage) + [lin]E
5. TRITON – TRITON[e] (musical interval not entirely)
10. THRIVES – T[s]H[i]R[t] (having even discarded T-shirt) + IVES (American composer)
11. ROSTRUM – OR (men — other ranks) reversed + STRUM (play guitars)
12. LOSER – hidden word
13. TWO-TIMERS – double definition (one by examples)
18. NAPOLEON SOLO – NAPOLEON (card game) + SOLO (another card game). Oh, yes, I remember “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” and even the names of all the main characters. But I had not known that Napoleon was the name of a card game.
21. CHARLOTTE – double definition (referencing the book “Charlotte’s Web”, an American children’s classic)
23. ORMER – [f]ORMER (first mentioned but not first)
24. I ASK YOU – double definition
25. ENFIELD – [m]EN (men not married) + FIELD (runners)
26. GADFLY – G (good) + DA (US lawyer) reversed + FLY (get away)
27. STONE AGE – ONE (individual) in STAGE (step)

1. TATTLE – T[eapo]T in TALE (relation)
2. OGRESS – [pr]OGRESS (needs PR for advancement)
3. LIVERPOOL – LIVER (organ) + POOL (fund)
4. PUSH THE BOAT OUT – double definition
6. RISHI – hidden word
7. TURNED ON – anagram of ROUND TEN
8. NAMESAKE – NAMES (underwriters) + [t]AKE (take time out)
15. YELLOWFIN – LOW (bass) in anagram of FINELY
16. SNACKING – CANS (food containers) upturned + KING (Elvis). Am I being too finicky (or even just wrong) in suggesting that Elvis was always “the King” and not simply “King”?
17. UPRAISED – U (university) + PRAISED (give tribute)
19. AMOEBA – A (a) + MO (little while) + ABE (Lincoln) backwards
20. CRADLE – anagram of CALDER
22. LOYAL – O (nothing) in anagram of ALLY

One Response to “Financial Times 13,428 by Cincinnus”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Oh, how I like to have some Qualms & Quibbles!
    But alas, as ever, you can’t fault Cincinnus on precision.
    It’s so boring to be positive about this setter, week in week out [ :)].
    But, ah well, it is like that.
    [only last Friday’s puzzle was under par, but still impeccably clued]

    Thank you, Pete, for explaining CHARLOTTE in relation to Web – unknown to me.
    Fine blog, with only two typos (‘arrondissement’ is with double S, and ‘raised’ should be ‘praised’ in 17d).

    The ARRONDISSEMENT clue was probably my Clue of the Day [at least, the Anagram of the Day], or was it the YELLOWFIN (15d)?

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