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Financial Times 13,438 – Orense

Posted by smiffy on July 15th, 2010


One of those puzzles where I found the longer answers came very readily, which provided a solid skeleton from which to flesh out the rest without too much anguish.  Didn’t (or still don’t) totally grasp the full intent of the three clues that featured question or exclamation marks (16A, 2D, 26D), although the answers themselves are readily apparent.

1 WINDOW SHOPPING – windows + (P in hoping).
10 EBONY – hidden reversal.
11 NUMERATOR – (rate mourn)*.  The ‘dividend’ in a fraction; the denominator being the ‘divisor’.  A neat  and concise finance-related surface.  The FT puzzles of yesteryear used to feature many more of these such “tailored to the audience” clues, but they’ve become much rarer these days.
12 SPHERES – s{tate} + homophone of “fears”.
13 SORORAL – so + R + oral.
14 LYRIC – hidden.
16 EARLY BIRD – cryptic/pun/allusion(?)
19 PNEUMATIC – (Mince up at)*.  Not sure if the surface (“mince”) is meant to refer us to ground meat or to walk in a camp fashion.  Either interpretation leaves me curious.
20 LEGAL – leg + a L.
22 REGULAR – Re: + (lug)< + a R(iver).
25 ANDANTE– N in (a Dante). 
27 IMAGINING – I + m + a (gin x2)*.  I suppose it’s a good omen if one’s wedding day thirst for booze if post- rather than pre-nuptial…
28 THORN – H in torn.
29 WILD GOOSE CHASE – (show legacies do)*.  Which is wilder, the goose or the chase?

2 IRON HORSE – double def’n, although I wasn’t aware of the cinematic classic until 20 seconds ago.
3 DRYER – rye in Dr.
4 WINDSWEPT – winds + wept.
5 HUMUS – U in hums.  Is a 10:1 character ratio (56 letter clue for a 5 letter answer) some kind of record?
6 PORTRAYAL – ray in portal.
7 INTER – alternate letters in ‘sign at rear’.
8 GARBLED – {gir}l in (barged)*.
15 COMPLYING – MP in (Co + lying).
17 RECTANGLE – homophone of “wrecked” + angle.
18 INGENUOUS – U for I in ingenious.
19 PURVIEW – pur{e} + view. Some simple but tidy weaponry misdirection, via ‘scope’.
21 LIE-INS – I in liens.
23 GRAIL – GR + ail.
24 RHINO – R + (in in Ho.).
26 DITCH – double def’n (?); to intentionally crash a plane + def’n by example(?).

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,438 – Orense”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thanks, smiffy, for your (in places, witty) blog.

    16ac: EARLY BIRD must be a cd, I guess – but a good one?
    26d: one of the meanings of DITCH is “to crash-land in water” as I read somewhere, while a ditch can be found near the side of a field, probably – so a dd?

    I was not very happy with 7d and the use of “oddly” as, in contrast, the even letters were taken of ‘Sign at rear’.

    I found this an enjoyable puzzle, but not very demanding.
    [but then my brain was already hugely tested by anax today]

  2. Scarpia says:

    Thanks smiffy.
    I enjoyed this,though I wouldn’t rate it as a great puzzle.Like you I am a bit puzzled over 16 across,but I suppose dawn would break on an early bird.I also didn’t know the film in 2 down,but it was easily guessable.
    Top clues for me 12 across(I do like corny homophones)and 4 and 19 down.

  3. Steve says:

    Thanks Smiffy,

    Minor detail, but you forgot to enter the solution for 9d: WEASEL – w(on)+ easel.

  4. scarpia says:

    Re.anagram at 19 across.
    If Orense had used a five letter anagram indicator it would have improved the clue(as mince can be an anagram indicator).I have tried to come up with an anagram with a better surface but unfortunately the only ones I can find are far too rude for publication in a daily paper(or here)! :)

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