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Enigmatic Variations 922: Works by Oxymoron

Posted by Dave Hennings on July 17th, 2010

Dave Hennings.

Here we are with Oxymoron again (Schadenfreude’s EV pseudonym). A pretty straightforward puzzle this time: eight clues with an extra word with first and last letters spelling out a hint, and the barred-off letters of their respective clues leading to the ‘originator’.

Although I got the hint, AMERICAN NOVELIST, the barred-off letters PEANLRUK didn’t mean much, but that was because I misread 11ac GOOF as GOOP!! It was only when I saw and recognised As I Lay Dyi[n]g in the perimeter that I could Google to find out its author, William Faulkner. Hey presto, GOOP was actually GOOF! William Faulkner (1897 – 1962) wrote, among others, the five works found in the perimeter: SOLDIER’S PAY, SANCTUARY, ABSALOM ABSALOM, SARTORI, AS I LAY DYING. The missing letters spell PYLON, another of his works to be entered at 23ac.

Solving time: I’m in the middle of a slow streak at the moment due to excessive birthday beverages!! About 2¾ hours.

ABC* = anagram
ABC< = reversal
abCDef = hidden
X = first and last letters of extra words giving hint to origonator
Y = barred off letters in clues with extra words

11 GOOF AsyluM idiot: OF (from) after GO (work)
12 EROTIC steamy: XEROTIC (abnormally dry) – X (without)
13 INDIGN disgraceful (poetic): DIG (lodge) in INN (hotel)
14 UNGUENT EmbalmeR unction: UN (a, French) GENT (noble, Spenser) holding U (universal, as in film classification)
15 WRITE-INS candidates added by voters, in US: (WINTER IS)*
16 DISPOSE ordain what is to be: DIS (god) + POSE (propound)
17 KARA IconiC steel band: KA (soul) + RA (artist)
18 YUM-YUM 2 meanings: operatic sister & that’s tasty; Yum-Yum is the ‘sister’ of Peep-Bo and Pitti-Sing in The Mikado
19 DIMETER having two measures: DIR (director) outside (over) METE (limit)
23 PYLON unclued, from the letters dropped from the perimeter entries
26 LINCHET terrace: TINCHEL (circle of men) with ends swapped
28 SUPERB proud, old: SUPER (copper, short for superintendent) + B (heading for Breakdown)
29 INCH meadow by river: INCH(OATE) (not established, missing half)
31 AMPERES measures: AM (in the morning) + PEE’S (Jimmy’s) taking (holding) R (right
32 TOLERATE take: ERA (an age) in [THE TOILET – THE I (independent)]*
34 AGELONG chronic: GALE* + ON (against) + G (tuG’s stern)
35 LIBERO back: [BLERIOT – T (time)]*
36 SAFARI expedition: FAR (over a great distance) in SA (South Africa) I (India)
37 FLAM deceive: F (fellow) + LAM (scarper)
2 OONT beast of burden: SOON TIRES – SIRES (studs, removed from the outsides)
3 LODESMAN one at the helm: S (has) MA (mother) wearing LODEN (waterproof coat)
4 INGROUP AgaiN social set: POURING*
5 EONISM NIS (fairy) in MOE (more, outdated)
6 ROUTED fixed the itinerary of: TOUR* + E (Spain) + D (Germany)
7 SENECIO plant: S (sun) + (ONE ICE)*
8 ARGIL NavahO pure clay: (A GIRL)*
9 YOUNKER VirilE youth, once: YON (that) round U (university) + K (king) + ER (queen)
10 AINTREE racecourse: AIN’T (isn’t) + R (run) + EE (Es, sounds like ease)
20 TIERCELS hobbies, as in falcons: [I L (left) SECRET]*
21 VINEGAR bad temper: RAVING* holding E (east = bridge player)
22 SCHOLAR one learning: HO (stop) LA (the, French) in SCR (Senior Common Room, or staff room)
24 YEMENIS some of the Arabs: YE (the, old) + MINE’S*
25 NUPTIAL to do with mating: INPUT* + A L (line)
27 TARGUM LevI version of the OT: [MATURING – I (one) N (noun)]*
28 SMALTO coloured glass: MALT (whisky) in SO (very good)
30 FLORA goddess: FOR (beneficial to) A (associate) crossing L (lake)
33 KRAB ScientisT link: BARK< (covering)

2 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations 922: Works by Oxymoron”

  1. bb says:

    It would be equally accurate to refer to Faulkner as an American noBElist, and I got hung up for a few minutes trying to turn BridgE in 21d into an extra word. The “d’oh” moment regarding VirilE eventually occurred.

  2. Mike Laws says:

    Delighted again to have been able to find out exactly what I had to check when I got home from the pub – in a book. The only work I couldn’t find there was ‘Pylon’, which was deducible.

    Schadenfreude/Oxymoron doesn’t use the internet, so you’ll only have to google his puzzles if he’s used a particularly obscure one, or you’ve donated your reference library to a charity bookshop to make room for more computer equipment :-)

    In case you’re wodering, he submits his puzzles on a CD via Royal Mail.

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