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Private Eye/Cyclops 421 – Hanoi or bust

Posted by beermagnet on July 19th, 2010


So there I was wondering where to do my Eye crossword this time. I thought what about another time and found myself in a smoky pub in about 1972. “The Worlds End”.  God it was awful! – the beer was dreadful, the atmosphere could be cut with a knife, and someone sat down at the piano and started belting out “Blue is the Colour”.  One good thing was that it had lots of separate bars and there was a reasonably quiet snug where I could settle down to tackle the crossword.  Of course when I finished it I found myself back in the real world.  Shame.

9 HANOI HA! (expression of triumph – as used e.g. by David Tennant as Dr Who) ION< (charge retracted)
10 FIT TO BUST DD: 1. What to do with a bra 2. with gusto
11 TROUSSEAU T[ories] ROUSSEAU  Surprisingly “crossword-common” word and wordplay.  This or making ROUSSEAU from TROUSSEAU – T.  It’s cos it’s a word ending in U innit.
12 MATER DD: 1. Mother 2. Someone who mates (“Oedipus! Oedipus! Wherefore art thou Oedipus”)
13 HAREMS ER< inside HAMS (joints)
14/19/23 BRITAIN’S GOT TALENT BRITAIN ‘S GOT (The country has) T[ory] A[nd] L[ib] (NET)* AInd: awful. First clue attempted and first written in mostly from the clear definition and the fact that I agree with the sentiment.
17 RIPON IPO[d] inside RN (sailors)
22 EPILATOR (IP ALE ROT)* AInd: ROT – doing double duty but that’s reasonably clear.  I knew of Depilation, frightful activity, so put this answer in without much worry thinking it was much the same thing.  Researching, I find there is a distinction between the two as explained here:  Wiki Depilatory
28 ART CRITIC A[nna] RT (right) CRITIC (fault finder)
Anna Sewell wrote Black Beauty and is somehow a world away from Brian of that ilk (I’m not sure that this website isn’t a spoof)
29 WITCHHUNT CH[urch] HUNT (quest) after WIT (joker) Ref. Sen. Joe McCarthy
30 CUT IN PUTIN with a different top. I don’t understand what “beefcake” is doing in the clue:
Interrupt beefcake Vladimir changing top (3,2)
1 THATCHER THAT (“the one over there”) CHER (the much enhanced performer) This one was very misleading. I fell for the trap of thinking that the Definition – the Tory leader – was wordplay for T.
2 ON TOUR NT (religious books) inside OO (balls), U[nderpants] R[ight]
3 DIPSOMANIA DIPS (plunges) (O[b]AMA IN)* AInd: mess. Def: Lush state.
4/26 AFTERBIRTH CD relying on the two different meanings of Labour
5 ET TU BRUTE (TUBE UTTER)* AInd: rubbish. The clue wasn’t. I award this the top clue gong:
Tube utter rubbish, so even you have joined the backstabbers (2,2,5)
7 CURTSIED CUR (Dog) (DIETS)* AInd: lousy. I see at the side of the grid I anagrammed “Dog diet’s” into Dodgiest and even Stodgied (What’s that? Porridge attack?) but realised neither of these could be a “formal way of acknowledging” The Queen
8 UTERUS (TRUE)* AInd: bastard. US (American)
15 THE RAT RACE DD/CD-thingy which had me foxed. Last clue entered but when I realised the answer I couldn’t fathom why it misled me so much:
Definitive nation of arseholes’ relentless competition (3,3,4)
16 IGNORAMUS (U[ranium] ORGASM IN)* AInd: explosive.
18 PRIORITY IT (sex) inside PRIORY (abbey)
21 RETICENT T[ory] I[nquest] inside (CENTRE)* AInd: debacle. I liked the definition: Frank’s antithesis
22 ELBOWS BOW (Archer’s thing) inside (Ernie) ELS (Golfer). Elbow as a verb.
24 ENTITY TIT (plonker) inside E[ast] N[ew] Y[ork] Def: Being
25/6 STATEROOM STATE (maybe Georgia) , MOOR< (Fell – as in a mountainside)
27 HO-HO HO[use] (Commons) HO[use] (Lords) “no use in either case” – definitely a ho-ho moment! Stick a :-) on that one.

How times change: Years ago people felt safe when there was a Moat around their manor

One Response to “Private Eye/Cyclops 421 – Hanoi or bust”

  1. John Dean says:

    Thanks for the blog. I always enjoy Cyclops and this time I thought 10ac and 5d were top flight.
    Re ‘beefcake’ – Vladimir Vladimirovich likes to disport himself in a semi-nude state from time to time eg – where he is known as K-G-Beefcake. (F-S-Beefcake Shirley?)

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