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Independent 7,417/Dac

Posted by Ali on 21st July 2010


Very much a puzzle of 2 halves for me, specifically a pretty easy top half and a much, much harder bottom half. Nevertheless, fantastic clues as always from Dac, 24A being my pick of the bunch.

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Financial Times 13,443 / Dogberry

Posted by Gaufrid on 21st July 2010


We only see Dogberry a couple of times each year (at most) and invariably on a Wednesday. I’m not sure why this is because Wednesday puzzles usually either have a theme or gimmick or they are towards the more difficult end of the FT spectrum. This puzzle meets neither of these criteria though it was still a pleasant solve.

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Guardian 25,068 – Audreus

Posted by Andrew on 21st July 2010


After a long break, Audreus seems to be becoming quite a regular again. This was a fairly typical example of her work – nothing too difficult, apart from an obscure meaning at 21dn, but a gently enjoyable solve. If tradition is maintained, we can expect this puzzle to be followed by one from Audreus’s son Shed, which I think will please tomorrow’s blogger..

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Inquisitor 1134 – Octagonal by Eddie

Posted by Hihoba on 21st July 2010


We were asked to find and rearrange eight unclued answers before entering them in the grid. I had ???MN?Y for one and A?ILR? for another quite quickly. This led inevitably to thoughts of GERMANY and BRAZIL and . . . World Cup football again. The unclued eight instantly suggested either the seven previous winners and the current one (which won’t be known until the day after the crossword comes out) or the eight quarter-finalists with one (the winner) to be highlighted.

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