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Financial Times 13,434 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on July 22nd, 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 10
Another strong puzzle from Mudd. My favourite clue here is 8D (TOOTHPICK).

1. SQUAD CAR – QUAD (one of four) in SCAR (trauma)
6. PALATE – AT (at) in PALE (white)
9. REPAIR – REP (salesman) + AIR (strain)
10. IMPRISON – IMP (little terror) + NO (no) + SIR (teacher) backwards
11. NEWS – opposite of OLD + N
12. WISHY-WASHY – double definition
14. LOTHARIO – LOTH (reluctant) + A (a) + RIO (port)
16. DAIS – DAIS[y] (girl in chains almost!)
18. KNOT – double definition. There is a type of sandpiper known as a knot.
19. PILLOCKS – LIP (cheek) backwards + LOCKS (hair)
21. SPACE CADET – ACE (another card) + C (clubs) together in SPADE (card) + T[ricks]
22. IMPI – hidden word
24. VIRGINAL – double definition
26. LAUNCH – A (article) in LUNCH (food)
27. GENTRY – G[ain] + ENTRY (access)
28. YEARLING – NIL (nothing) backwards in anagram of A GREY

2. QUEUE – is this a homophone? (“cue”)
3. ANAESTHETIC – anagram of TEN IS A CHEAT. Is “untrustworthy” a good anagram indicator?
4. CAREWORN – ROWER (oarsman) backwards in CAN (vessel)
6. PAPAYA – PAP (tripe) + A (a) + YA[m]
7. LEI – [a]L[g]E[r]I[a]
8. TOOTHPICK – P[ieces] in TOO THICK (thin…designed incorrectly)
15. OENOPHILE – anagram of PI[g]EIONHOLE
17. FLOTILLA – LOT (great number) in FILL (stock) + A (a)
20. SCANTY – SCAN (examine) + T[r]Y (essay, not right)
23. PECAN – PE[li]CAN (bird lacking lithium)
25. GUT – TUG (yank) backwards

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,434 by Mudd”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Yes, a strong puzzle from Mudd.
    It looks like Mr Halpern saves some of his better ideas [which he normally puts in Paul crosswords] for his FT alter ego.
    The fabulous TOOTHPICK (8d) is a good example [so agree with you, Pete].

    But there’s a lot more to enjoy here, especially in some Down clues.
    I have no problem with ‘untrustworthy’ as an anagrind, in fact I find “Number Ten is a cheat, untrustworthy” a superb clue for ANAESTHETIC (3d).
    And what about that tennis clue (RAIN STOPPED PLAY) – another corker.

    Finally, I took QUEUE (2d) as a homophone of the letter Q, which is “a character”.

  2. rrc says:

    My first attempt at a FT crossword, although I was drawn by the compiler who I enjoy in another daily. However todays by the same compiler is not going so well.

  3. Pete Maclean says:

    rrc, welcome to the blog and the world of FT puzzles. I have been doing these FT puzzles for well over 20 years now. I hope you come to enjoy them as I do.

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