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Financial Times 13,451 / Bradman

Posted by shuchi on 30th July 2010


A very entertaining puzzle, my picks for favourites today are 12a, 28a, 20d. I started from the bottom of the grid and worked my way up, with a pause to check the answer for 14a.

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Independent 7422/Raich

Posted by John on 30th July 2010


A very nice offering from Raich, who has been an excellent addition to the Independent stable this year. I even saw the Nina. Something that many people get very excited about happened on this day once (I won’t say the date because it may be visible to the casual observer, who would then get less pleasure). The whole team has been cleverly incorporated in the answers (although there may be some subtlety that has passed me by with the Charltons but see later).

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Guardian 25,076 – Araucaria

Posted by manehi on 30th July 2010


Probably my quickest Araucaria solve to date, with several straightforward anagrams and the Keynes reference giving me the bottom half in next to no time.

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