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Guardian 25,071 / Araucaria (24th July)

Posted by Gaufrid on 31st July 2010


I know that rightback has been having Internet access problems recently so presumably this accounts for his absence. My apologies for not noticing the lack of a post earlier but I have been busy with things other than 15² today (for a change).

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Enigmatic Variations No.924 – Repeated by Lato

Posted by Mister Sting on 31st July 2010

Mister Sting.

I wonder if I was alone in finding this tough.

In retrospect, the preamble wasn’t unnecessarily misleading. Nor at any time did I think the clueing unfair. Still, for me this EV was one heck of a struggle. There were precious few gifts (11ac being a notable exception), but I certainly wasn’t helped by my synapses declaring a ceasefire.

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