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Independent 7,415 by Phi

Posted by Simon Harris on 22nd July 2010

Simon Harris.

A surprise Thursday appearance from Phi, and I suspect that’s a straight swap, with tomorrow being something of a special occasion for Nimrod. Either way, this one was good fun and not too taxing; in fact, it became a bit of procession of answers once the long one slotted in. I’m wondering whether three related entries constitute a theme, or indeed whether I’ve missed some thematic material, as I’m barely familiar with the work of 28ac.

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Independent on Sunday 1066 by Quixote – 18 July 2010

Posted by Handel on 22nd July 2010


Good morning all. A departure from the usual IoS fare this week, with a themed offering. The fact that we’d not encountered a themed IoS before meant that we were rather slow off the mark, and it was only once all the kings were in place that the significance of the number of the puzzle (1066) finally dawned, allowing 1ac to be filled. We found this a tougher, but altogether more satisfying, puzzle than usual, and will be interested to know whether other solvers also enjoyed the added penny-drop of the theme. We’d certainly like to see more puzzles like this in future.

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Financial Times 13,444 – Flimsy

Posted by smiffy on 22nd July 2010


Quite probably the most anodyne set of grid-entry words I’ve ever encountered (21A is the only answer that could even remotely be considered specialist or unfamiliar).  But that by no means necessitates a similarly low-falutin set of clues.  Simple words can still be clued with well-disguised definitions (10A, 8D) or via entertaining surfaces (22A, 20D).

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Guardian 25,069 / Shed

Posted by Eileen on 22nd July 2010


My first blog for four weeks and so, first of all, many thanks to mhl and Gaufrid for standing in for me while I was, firstly, marking exam scripts and then away on holiday.

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Financial Times 13,435 – Falcon

Posted by Uncle Yap on 22nd July 2010

Uncle Yap.

Monday Prize Crossword on 12 July 2010
Falcon is another gentle compiler who will give solvers a pleasant start to the week. Nothing very complicated; but enjoyable, nevertheless.

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Financial Times 13,434 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on 22nd July 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 10
Another strong puzzle from Mudd. My favourite clue here is 8D (TOOTHPICK).

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Independent 7,417/Dac

Posted by Ali on 21st July 2010


Very much a puzzle of 2 halves for me, specifically a pretty easy top half and a much, much harder bottom half. Nevertheless, fantastic clues as always from Dac, 24A being my pick of the bunch.

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Financial Times 13,443 / Dogberry

Posted by Gaufrid on 21st July 2010


We only see Dogberry a couple of times each year (at most) and invariably on a Wednesday. I’m not sure why this is because Wednesday puzzles usually either have a theme or gimmick or they are towards the more difficult end of the FT spectrum. This puzzle meets neither of these criteria though it was still a pleasant solve.

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Guardian 25,068 – Audreus

Posted by Andrew on 21st July 2010


After a long break, Audreus seems to be becoming quite a regular again. This was a fairly typical example of her work – nothing too difficult, apart from an obscure meaning at 21dn, but a gently enjoyable solve. If tradition is maintained, we can expect this puzzle to be followed by one from Audreus’s son Shed, which I think will please tomorrow’s blogger..

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Inquisitor 1134 – Octagonal by Eddie

Posted by Hihoba on 21st July 2010


We were asked to find and rearrange eight unclued answers before entering them in the grid. I had ???MN?Y for one and A?ILR? for another quite quickly. This led inevitably to thoughts of GERMANY and BRAZIL and . . . World Cup football again. The unclued eight instantly suggested either the seven previous winners and the current one (which won’t be known until the day after the crossword comes out) or the eight quarter-finalists with one (the winner) to be highlighted.

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Independent 7413/Tees

Posted by John on 20th July 2010


A nice crossword from Tees. Having solved 7ac and 9ac first and had a good idea about 20/23ac I feared a football-related crossword. Mercifully, apart from one or two answers, apparently no. Perhaps this is the very small Nina, perhaps there is something bigger that as usual is staring me in the face but which I’m missing.

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Guardian 25067 – Araucaria

Posted by Uncle Yap on 20th July 2010

Uncle Yap.

Once again, I have been royally entertained and tantalised by The Master. He has woven such a rich tapestry of literary references that blogging this puzzle took many times what it took to solve. Thank you, Reverend John Graham, MBE for the many years of pleasure you have given us. May you live for ever.

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Financial Times 13,442 / Armonie

Posted by Agentzero on 20th July 2010


Nothing too difficult here, except that the explanation for 21 down eludes me.  As usual, Armonie’s clues pack an amazing amount into very few words. Read the rest of this entry »

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Appeal of bells

Posted by jetdoc on 19th July 2010


As some of you already know, we — Jane Teather (Jetdoc) and John Henderson (Enigmatist/Elgar/Nimrod/Io) — are getting married this Friday, 23 July. This is a truly cruciverbal match — we met through crosswords, and our shared love of (obsession with?) crosswords is very important to us.

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Guardian 25,066 – Rufus

Posted by Handel on 19th July 2010


The usual bits and pieces from Rufus. A couple of o’er hasty entries slowed us down a bit, but overall this was much as one expects.

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