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Financial Times 13,468 / Jason

Posted by Gaufrid on 31st August 2010


I heard a short while ago that Agentzero cannot make it today so here is the clue analysis. There is only limited commentary because I am very pressed for time as I have to go out shortly. Help required with 4dn and there may be a better explanation for 11ac and 15dn.

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Independent 7,449 by Radian

Posted by Simon Harris on 31st August 2010

Simon Harris.

I’m a big fan of Radian’s puzzles, so was happy to see the name come up today. This was an enjoyable challenge, themed around 1ac.

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Guardian 25103 – Paul

Posted by Uncle Yap on 31st August 2010

Uncle Yap.

Hurray! On the trot, I get to blog Paul, indeed a master craftsman who did not disappoint with his unique brand of teasing and tantalising clues, ranging from the obvious to the obscure; but all very solvable though challenging in places. Very enjoyable indeed.

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Independent 7448 by Mordred

Posted by nmsindy on 30th August 2010


An excellent puzzle from Mordred.

It is themed on the TV sitcom Last of the Summer Wine (hereinafter LSW) which, after a record-breaking 37 years is coming to an end with the last episode shown yesterday, Sunday 29 August.      With that long record, it’s clearly a really popular and successful show.

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Guardian Quiptic nº563 by Moley

Posted by Stella on 30th August 2010


This puzzle was on the easy side for Quiptics, with some clever surfaces and a few smiles.

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Guardian 25,102 / Rufus

Posted by Eileen on 30th August 2010


A pleasant Bank Holiday diversion from Rufus, after Saturday’s tour-de-force from Araucaria, with several  smiles along the way. Thank you, Rufus, and a happy holiday, everyone!

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Private Eye/Cyclops 424 – Besmear drummer

Posted by beermagnet on 30th August 2010


Half-way through solving this I thought I was on for a record time – covering half the grid in a very few minutes. Then I slowed and then got interrupted by Real Life. Coming back to it a few hours later I finished it off with not much trouble except for 1/23 CROSSWORD SETTER which took far too long and especially the final 17D BESMEAR.

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Independent on Sunday 1071 by Quixote – 22nd August 2010

Posted by Handel on 29th August 2010


Morning all. An impressive grid this week with no fewer than eight 15-letter answers. These long answers were mostly presented as anagrams, and unpicking them all took some time. Our pick of the clues this week, though, goes to 19ac – a pleasing &lit.

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Azed 1995

Posted by bridgesong on 29th August 2010


I managed to solve about three-quarters of this puzzle without any assistance from Chambers or the internet.  It’s surprising what being on holiday in remote places can do for the brain.   However, I made somewhat heavy weather of the remainder on my return home.    Fewer anagrams than usual, I thought, but with a couple of easy hidden clues to help get one started.  As is often the case, it’s the shortest words that can be the hardest to solve. Read the rest of this entry »

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Everyman 3334

Posted by Arthur on 29th August 2010


Not my favourite one ever. Far too many anagrams (just under half of all the clues contained anagrams) and some obscure knowledge – I don’t think I have ever used the phrase at 9/10dn nor has anyone ever said it to me, and I only got the composer at 16dn due to the fact it was a “hidden in” type clue so the word was in the clue. But a couple of nice misdirections too, 15ac and 25ac being my favourites. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guardian 25,095 (Sat 21 Aug)/Araucaria – Any colour as long as it’s black and white

Posted by rightback on 28th August 2010


Solving time: 8 mins

I found this the most enjoyable Araucaria I’ve done for a good while. The surface readings almost all made good sense and the cryptic indications were much more accurate and less padded out that usual. As so often, the two multi-word phrases might as well have been unclued as I left them at first and then built them up from the checking letters only, but at least their wordplays were accessible. My favourites were probably 13ac (EVIL) and 14ac (ORPHANAGES) but there were few I didn’t like in this.

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Independent 7441 by Scorpion (Saturday 21 August)

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 28th August 2010


Solving time: About 38 minutes says my copy, but I think this includes an arbitrary penalty for running out of patience and looking up the posssibilities for 5D, which was a bit poor on my part. Overall I thought it was a bit easier than the previous Saturday’s Anax puzzle, but only a bit. The fairly black outer edge had me watching out for some theme or a message in the grid, but I didn’t spot anything, which may be a cue for an egg on face moment.

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Enigmatic Variations No.928 – Leonard’s Puzzled by Rustic

Posted by Mister Sting on 28th August 2010

Mister Sting.

A smaller grid this week – only 121 blank squares, instead of the normal 169. Will this translate into a shorter solving time?

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Independent 7446/Phi

Posted by John on 27th August 2010


The usual excellent stuff from Phi. All the clues are neat (those that I can understand, anyway) and the whole thing is very satisfactory. Read the rest of this entry »

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Financial Times 13,475 / Bradman

Posted by shuchi on 27th August 2010


It is befitting that we have a lovely Bradman puzzle to solve on Don Bradman‘s birthday. Many anagram clues today, some excellent ones like 27a and 17d.

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