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Independent 7417 (Sat 24 July) – Scorpion

Posted by petebiddlecombe on August 1st, 2010


I didn’t time this accurately but thought it was about average difficulty for a Scorpion puzzle – which means pretty tricky. It might have been easier if I’d solved 4A early on, as this announced the theme – seven other answers are racecourses.

Apologies for the late report – it’s been a busy week, so this will be a fairly quick report.

4 R.A.=Royal and Ancient=St Andrews,C(ECO=green)URSE
8 W,E=”card partners”,A,K
9 SCRU(m),F,F(lanker)
10 B=born,EVERLEY (Brothers)=singing siblings, giving us Beverley (Sisters) and our first racecourse
11 (r)ITE,M=married
13 HE’LL,S(BELL)S – “My” (exclamation) is the def
14 PA,LER from last letters
15 OUTR(ag)E
17 P(ONTEF=often*)R.,ACT – next racecourse
18 ROUT – 2 definitions – I got the woodcutting one from the tool called “router”
20 FOR((uncl)E)K,NOW
21 LA(YOU)T(est)
23 BAT(tenberg),H – a bath is a “tubby thing” and Bath is our next racecourse
24 SUCCOUR = “sucker”,IN,G=Gabon
1 BEAU(lieu) – Beaulieu is the Hampshire place
2 (unite)D,RIBBLE=”one flowing naturally” – a Lancashre river
3 SAX,(volum)E,BLUE=down – saxe blue is a colour or “tone”
5 ASCOT – (C(up),O) in sat* – Ascot is a kind of tie and another racecourse
6 OFF=poorly,SHORE=horse*,FUN=delightful,DS = Doctor of Science (I think)
7 ELVIS COST = (lives Scot)*,EL,LO
8 WORC=rev. of crow,ESTER=trees* – next racecourse
12 MILK TEETH – cryptic def hoping to make you think choppers are helicopters (or maybe bicycles)
14 PROP,OSAL=also*
16 W(AR(W.I.)C(h)K. – next racecourse
19 dUsT,URN
22 Y OR K = the letters which “key” has on the outside, York being a royal house and our seventh racecourse

8 Responses to “Independent 7417 (Sat 24 July) – Scorpion”

  1. Myrvin says:

    Thank you P.
    LAYOUT and YORK were last to go in. That was because I kept misreading ‘solver’ as ‘setter’ – weird. Then YORK was easy.
    Didn’t understand 1a. so thank you.
    Oh! There was a theme! Missed it completely.
    Never heard of SAXE BLUE.
    Elsewhere we’ve had Beth Ditto & L Cohen; and here we have Elvis Costello – gosh!

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you Peter. Either the Saturday puzzles are getting easier or I’m getting a bit better at them, as I seem to be finishing more often nowadays. Didn’t quite get this one, putting PALE BLUE at 3dn because I couldn’t understand the wordplay. I liked LATEST and OUTRE, but there was lots of other good stuff as well.

    Horseracing vies with golf as one of the most pointless activities on the planet, imho, so that should answer any questions about whether I spotted the theme …

    Very good Saturday morning entertainment, thank you Scorpion.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Enjoyable puzzle, which I found was a little easier than some by Scorpion, saw the theme only near the end. SAXE BLUE was my last answer.

  4. jmac says:

    A challenging and stimulating puzzle. Failed to get SAXE. Thought RACECOURSE, YORK and MILK TEETH were great. Thanks Pete for explaining DRIBBLE, OUTRAGE, and ROUT. Failed yet again to spot the theme.

  5. Allan_C says:

    I’m with you, K’s D, about golf. What was it Mark Twain said – something about spoiling a good walk? Not exactly sold on horseracing either, despite having spent some of my career in the betting shops of a large national chain of bookmakers (as a property surveyor, I hasten to add!) But even with that experience I didn’t spot the theme either. And I was going for ‘pale blue’ at 3d before the ‘sax’ bit suddenly clicked.

    Favourite clue ‘York’

  6. Scarpia says:

    Thanks Pete.
    Super puzzle from Scorpion.
    Quite a few here which I solved backwards i.e. guessed the answer, then confirmed by the wordplay after a bit of thought.Did spot the theme,as I have been known to squander a few pennies on “The Sport of Kings”.Think I would have struggled to complete without that.

  7. flashling says:

    Got this done in record (unrecorded you’ll have to take my word) time for a Saturday except for saxe blue, guessing pale as well and I expect the majority of folks entering via dead tree will make the same mistake, the colour is not exactly trip off the tongue. (for me others may say different). Didn’t spot the race course theme but I’m not a betting man, I did however do a job in cheltenham which coincided with the the gold cup festival week. That was fun he lied cost me a packet as the hotels quadrupled prices…

  8. nmsindy says:

    SAXE BLUE was my last answer as mentioned above, and, yes, it was hard, but I can’t see how PALE BLUE could fit the wordplay. It was a bit of a penny dropping moment, but maybe I was lucky in that I had heard of SAXE BLUE.

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