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Private Eye/Cyclops 422 – Rescind sceptre

Posted by beermagnet on August 2nd, 2010


Woah! Cyclops revealing his Republican tendancies in his central down answers,
and possibly extolling the virtues of early applications of antibiotics in the central across answers: Preempt anthrax.
Maybe I’m reading too much into this .

5 STONE AGE TONE (Blair casually) inside SAGE (Green) First clue read. First answer written. Makes a change. I probably had an advantage as Tone is my non-nickname nickname but I’d best keep quiet about that
7 VIAGRA CD. On this subject, I asked my local pharmacist if I could get it over the counter. He said: “Only if you take two”
9 JEKYLL [par]K (park’s exit) inside (JELLY)* AInd: screwed. Def: Other side of Hyde. I really liked this clue with its misleading Hyde Park surface, and made it my favourite
10 CATACOMB A COMB (A toothy thing) after CAT (pussy)
11 SPENDING CUTS S[haky] P[arty] ENDING (stopping) CUTS (hacks) Up to date definition: What drives the coalition’s policies? No need for a question mark there methinks given the bonfire of the Quangos occurring at the moment. The one I’m concerned about is the abolition of the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority), I mean, you’ve got to keep an eye on this sort oft thing. Before we know it we’ll have people selectively breeding individuals who think they’re superior. Where will that end? They will probably try to take control … err.
14 PREEMPT (PETER PM)* AInd: snapped. Lovely surface:
Snapped Peter, grabbing poor PM, “Get in before the opposition does!” (3-4)
16 ANTHRAX AN (one), (HRT)* AInd: sort of, A (one), X (cross)
18 DAVID CAMERON DAVID (Camp follower – Ref Camp David ) CAME (was orgasmic) R ON (“Right-on”). With a couple of crossing letters the def: ‘New leader’ gave it away – the wordplay took a bit longer.
21 BULLWHIP BULL (bollocks) WHIP (parliamentarian)
22 RHUMBA HUM (stink) inside (BAR)* AInd: used. Minimalist anagrind here?
24 AT ONCE C[legg] inside ATONE (repent)
25 ROYALIST ROY (Hattersley) A LIST (A tip) Is a tip a list?
1/20 ONLY JUST [pe]N[is] inside (LUST JOY)* AInd: disguised
2 CABLED DD Ref The new government’s Business Secretary Vince Cable
3 RESCIND (DISCERN)* AInd: Being smashed
4 RAT CATCHER T[ory] inside (CHARACTER)* AInd: poor.
6 TREASURY DD Referring to “Treasuries” of stories – often for children, and the Treasury which is not headed Alistair Darling now! The solver would probably have the answer before noticing the nice inferrence towards of Peter Pan’s Darling family.
7 VATICAN A TIC (a jerk) inside VAN (vehicle)
12 EYEBALLING EYE (magazine) BALLING (Shagging, US style) Last answer. I wrote in Eyebashing early on.
13 CANNABIS CAN (Nick – prison) NAB (Nick – steal) IS
15 PRITHEE (HIT PEER)* AInd: badly
17 SCEPTRE (RESPECT)* AInd: pitiful. Well-worn anagram
19 MARTYR T[or]Y (gutless supporter of Cameron) inside MARR (political commentator – Ref Andrew )
23 UGLY U[ndo] G[ordon’s] L[ousy] Y[ears]

Lest we forget: 14 years ago ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) persuaded Yellow Pages to remove the entry under “Boring” that said
“See: Civil Engineers”.

5 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 422 – Rescind sceptre”

  1. Bellers says:

    For 25Ac: tip(tilt)=list(tilt)

    In 18Ac, I enjoyed “camp follower” for David. I took this to be a ref to his sneaking into Saul’s camp in 1Sa26:6 ?

    24Ac: atoning is doing something to make amends — a form of punishment or repayment, where as repenting is a mental turning away from your previous ways, so the two aren’t strictly synonyms.

    I often wonder about Cyclops’ corrupting influence. He makes me think bad things as intermediate steps to an often benign answer.

  2. Jon88 says:

    @Bellers: 18a might be a reference to Camp David?

  3. Jon88 says:

    D’oh! Sorry. Read the comment before I read the answer breakdown! (And there’s no “delete” option here!!!)

  4. Bellers says:

    In 18ac, is follower part of the clue, or just padding? Camp follower is in Wikipedia as someone who tails an army.

  5. beermagnet says:

    Follower is certainly not padding.
    Assuming “Camp David” is the reference, “Camp follower” gives David.
    As a “Camp follower” is one of a bundle of “support staff” such as whores who straggle along after an army, it is also slightly risque, thus suitable for inclusion in an Eye puzzle.

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