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Financial Times 13,457 / Styx

Posted by shuchi on August 6th, 2010


A mix of simple and tricky clues, with uniformly clean surfaces. Specially enjoyed the devious definition in 19A.


1 GARLIC L (leaf) in (CIGAR)*. I’ve not seen leaf = L before but Collins online lists it.
5 REFUSE RE-FUSE (put back together). Styx puts the word ‘put’, which serves in the active as well as passive voice, to good use in this clue.
9 TIRING OUT I (one) RING (call), in TOUT (solicitor)
10 BOOTH BOOT (footwear) H (hospital)
11 EXTRUDED EXTRA (part-time actor) – A + (DUDE)*
12 DECREE DECREASE (contract) – AS. Good clue.
14 INDONESIAN ONE’S in INDIAN (another Asian)
15 VETS dd
17 TORE STORE (shop) with its front removed
19 FOR EXAMPLE FOREX (foreign exchange) AMPLE (great size)
22 RUNWAY RUNAWAY (absconder) – A
23 PACIFIER IF (allowing) I (one), in PACER (racehorse)
25 NIECE E (ecstasy) in NICE (attractive)
26 EARTHSTAR EAR (sensor) (THATS)* R (river)
27 ISOPOD IS O[pen] POD (school, as in group of aquatic mammals). Slater is a multi-legged woodlouse.


2 AERATED A [tyr]E RATED (evaluated)
3 LINGUINI LING (fish), I (one) in UNI (Oxford, say)
5 RATE hidden in ‘choiR AT Eisteddfod’
6 FIBRES FIB (tell a story) RES (research)
7 SCOURGE S (small) CO (business) URGE (drive)
8 SHEEPSHEARER EPs (records) HEAR (judge), in SHEER (unqualified). It took me all of the crossings to get this.
9 THE BITTER END HE (male) BITTER (savage), in TEND (nurse)
13 CAMERA CREW CAME (arrived) (RACER)* W[illiams]
16 VANISHED VAN (vehicle) I (one) SHED (given way)
18 RANGERS R (run) ANGERS (nettles). Rangers are vehicles for long-distance travel.
20 PAINTER dd. A painter is a line attached to the bow of a boat for tying it up. I’m not wholly convinced about ‘one who draws’ – a painter might paint without drawing.
21 CAME UP dd
24 FEUD DUE (outstanding) F (fine), all reversed

3 Responses to “Financial Times 13,457 / Styx”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Although some easy clues like RATE, TIRING OUT, CAME UP and INDONESIAN helped me to make a quick start, it wasn’t that easy at all to get this puzzle finished.
    Actually, I failed to get FEUD [in the – more or less – SE part that caused me some virtual headache (whatever that is)].

    Initially, I just kept on solving this crossword because I’d started it – there wasn’t a click otherwise.
    However, as I went on [ánd looking back at it], I have to say that the clueing is indeed – as you say, shuchi – very clean.
    I particularly liked the surfaces of NIECE (25ac), DECREE (12ac) with the ambiguous use of ‘contract’, and CLOSED SHOP (4d) where we have to split ‘meat’/’factory’.

    I hadn’t seen ‘contaminated’ before as an anagrind, but it’s perfectly alright of course.
    Just like you I needed most of the crossing letters for SHEEPSHEARER (8d), which held me up anyway because I thought it needed a hyphen.

    The only one I wasn’t very keen on was INDONESIAN (14ac).
    In your blog you forgot the S as it should be ONE’S inside INDIAN. I didn’t like ONE’S for ‘one is’, because both letters I and S are present in the answer (even next to each other) – I found this a bit unnecessarily misleading.

    Finally, shuchi, you forgot in your otherwise much-appreciated blog, in 7d (SCOURGE) the URGE bit.

  2. shuchi says:

    Hi Sil van den Hoek

    I found the east side of the grid harder to finish, too. FEUD and PACIFIER were among my last entries.

    Have included the bits I’d missed out while typing, thank you.

  3. Scarpia says:

    Thsnks shuchi.
    Thought this was going to be easy – got off to a flying start then stalled with about a third of the puzzle left.Some clever misdirections held me up,nothing unfair,I thought all the clues were sound.
    I agree with your misgivings re.PAINTER,but I think the definition is close enough not to cause any solver too much bother.
    Favourite clues 19 across and 4 and 24 down.

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