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Independent 7430 by Phi

Posted by NealH on August 9th, 2010


*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, CD=cryptic def, DD=double def, sp=spoonerism

I started looking at this when it appeared on the web site last night and did a double take when I saw it was a Phi. Given the website’s recent problems with getting new puzzles on the system, I’d probably have assumed it was left over from Friday if I hadn’t also done Friday’s puzzle. It’s quite unusual to see the same compiler two weekdays in a row, so perhaps there is something special planned for later in the week. This seemed like a fairly typical Phi outing with lots of nicely constructed clues. I found it all fairly easy apart from the NW corner, where I struggled to get going until pentagram flashed into my mind.

1 Caprice: Ca (about) + price. A nicely deceptive clue that looks like a container and contents rather than a charade.
5 Tricorn: Ric[h] in torn.
9 Can do: I thought for a while this was ‘and’ in ‘co’, with ‘and’ clued as contributors. But I think it’s actually saying that ‘c and o’ are the components (contributors) of co, the short version of company.
10 Tap Dancer: (Can depart)*.
11 Leavening: Leaving aorund [th]e [cor]n.
13 Intro: I n(ote) + t[heatre] + r(un) o(ut).
14 Irish sea: Iris + hea[t] around s(un).
16 Espy: ESP (extra sensory perception) + [da]y.
18 Ammo: A m(ale) + MO (modus operandi).
19 Inherits: In + hits around er.
22 Libel: Libe[ra]l.
24 Carnivora: OR in carniva[l].
26 Tautening: (G’n’t in a ute)*.
28 Gurus: G(rand) + Ur + US.
29 Artiste: ‘Tis t in are (= live).
30 Patsies: (It’s sea p)*.
1 Cockle: Cocke[r] around l(ake).
2 Pentagram: Pent + [an]agram.
3 In one: None after I(ndependent).
4 Eat: [B]eat.
5 Typographer: (Party goer)* around PH (public house).
6 Imagineer: I’m a g(ood) i + ne[v]er.
7 Op cit: O + PC + IT.
8 Narrow: N + arrow.
12 Instinctive: (It is Vincent)*.
15 Shoulders: Should + e[xcite] + RS (Royal Society).
17 Potpourri: Pot + pour + ri[ch].
20 Clutha: Clu[e] tha[t]. I think I read somewhere that Phi is based in New Zealand, so New Zealand rivers are probably more familiar to him than to me.
21 Cassis: Cas[e]s + is.
23 Blurt: But with L and R in it.
25 Ingot: In + go + [produc]t.
27 Gap: GP around a.

16 Responses to “Independent 7430 by Phi”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks Neil for the blog and Phi for a comparatively smooth start to the week.

    On 9A had similar thought as yours, but you’ve pointed out a better parsing. One of the last I got was 5D, which was also my favourite.

    A minor comment: a typo in 11A: should be “[cor]n”.

  2. Myrvin says:

    Thank you NeilH.
    A couple of typos in your bolg:
    11a and 12d.
    I expected the L & R to be together in BLURT.
    I don’t like CAN DO however you work it out.
    I made up CLUTHA – nice to know it exists.
    Never heard of an IMAGINEER.
    What is “G’n’t”?
    Nice to see UR again.

  3. NealH says:

    Yes, I had to think for a second or two when I saw g’n’t. But it’s not gibberish – it’s gin and tonic.

  4. scchua says:

    IMAGINE + ENGINEER = IMAGINEER, essentially one who imagines ideas and puts them into practical use. Coming from an engineer: it’s a rather weak derivation, as that’s no different from any 1st class engineer.

  5. NealH says:

    I thinks it’s a recently coined term that was meant to get over the idea that there was a lot of creativity in top class engineering.

  6. Myrvin says:

    I can’t see IMAGINEER in Chambers, but it is in the OED, from 1942.
    For those who hate dictionaries, it’s only in Wikipedia with reference to Disney:

    G & T – tut! Thanks Neil.

  7. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Cheers, Neal.

    I also had a bit of a double take when I saw it was Phi, but I’m always happy to tackle his puzzles and I found lots to like in this one. CAPRICE, CAN DO, OP CIT all hit the spot for me.

    I stared at 26ac for a while, too. I think G’n’T might have made it clearer.

  8. Colin Blackburn says:

    IMAGINEER is in the latest Chambers. It’s definition makes specific reference to a Disney theme park role.

  9. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, NealH. Excellent puzzle, a little harder than usual from Phi, I thought. I’d not heard of IMAGINEER but the wordplay was v straightforward, it is the Concise OED with the theme park reference mentioned by Colin. I esp liked CAN-DO, AMMO, PATSIES, CASSIS. Great clueing as always from Phi. That NZ river – again with straightforward wordplay – is in Collins.

  10. Scarpia says:

    Thanks Neal.
    Most surprised to see Phi on a Monday – what’s Eimi got lined up for Friday I wonder?
    The usual high standard puzzle,everything fairly clued and as quite often with Phi,a recently coined word or phrase – IMAGINEER.He seems to have a knack of picking up these things – I’ll always remember DRACULA SNEEZE!
    Didn’t know the NZ river but as said above,easily gettable from the wordplay.
    The G’n’T in 26 across is very difficult to make out(and does appear to be gibberish) in the online version,but is a lot plainer in the inky.
    Favourite clues CAPRICE,CAN DO,IN ONE,BLURT and OP CIT.

  11. Simon Harris says:

    Nice start to the week. I’m also now very curious to find out what’s lined up for Friday the 13th, not least as I’m scheduled to blog that day…

  12. flashling says:

    Had a problem not spotting the plural in meat eaters and entering carnivore and spent too long wondering why cassis couldn’t be right. Still as has been said phi on monday what the heck is going on? Me to blog tomorrow, I’ll try to get it up asap but if work is pressing it might be a little late.

  13. Allan_C says:

    Double-take here too at it being Phi again. Wonder what might be coming on Friday, but as it’ll be Friday 13th…..

  14. Testy says:

    I missed this one yesterday but was there a zodiac theme to it? I can see:

  15. nmsindy says:

    Great spot, Testy! That’s there all right, quite subtle, and it’s not that I did not look for a Nina. That maybe explains why the puzzle was a little harder than usual from Phi.

  16. Scarpia says:

    Well spotted Testy.
    Definitely too many examples to be a coincidence.

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