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Private Eye/Cyclops 423 – Awkward empathy

Posted by beermagnet on August 16th, 2010


I made a note that I only had 10 answers in place after the first pint, which is an indication that this was harder than the last few Eye crossies.  On the other hand, after a breather the rest fell in short order.  Crossing letters helped for the last few but nothing that didn’t have wordplay understood.  Last to drop – 8D Empathy.
I see Selfridges are being lambasted again for starting the “Christmas Shopping Experience” five months early.  As a computer programmer I like celebrating early and often, at Halloween as well as the other one. Why? …

9 PEACE Homophone “Piece”
10 MAUSOLEUM (E[nergy] USUAL MO M[owlam])* AInd: casual. Def: “Grand place for a stiff one”
11 DEAD DRUNK (DUKE AND DR)* AInd: off. Def: Pissed
12 GOLDA (LOG)< (Diary about), D[avid], A Def: A has-been PM’s first. Ref: First name of Golda Meir
13 REGARDS (RAG)< (Tabloid backing) inside REDS (commies) Def: All the best
15 SPINACH SPIN (Alistair Campbell’s thing) ACH! (an ejaculation – particularly Scottish if you can pronouce it correctly)
17/18 WISH LIST (HIS WILTS)* AInd: stimulated
23 PORK PIE R, K (two kings), I (Cyclops) all inside POPE (His Eminence). Def: Whopper i.e. falsehood. The answer is CR slang for Lie
24 OUTGROW O[pen] U[nderwear] T[ank] (as indicated by – tops) G ROW (G string)
My favourite clue even if being simple:
Get too big for open underwear, tank tops and G string (7)
25 WRATH R (Rex) inside (WHAT)* AInd: removed. Def: spleen
27 AFTERGLOW CD. I presume.
29 CHERISHES CHERI[e]’S (Blair’s saving energy) HE’S. A question of which Blair to pick when solving.
30 CIDER RED (Bloody) IC (Chip – Integrated Circuit) all rev.
1 SPIDERY ID (unconscious – as in Id, Ego, Superego and all that malarky), ER (Brenda) all inside SPY (agent). Def: Like the web user
3/21 LEADERSHIP CONTEST Is the whole thing a CD? The second half is a reasonably clear definition, and I wrote it in early on that basis, but I can’t see the relevence of the first half.
Balls put under pressure in the latest party charade? (10,7)
4 IMPULSE I (one) MP (member) USE (manipulation) containing L[ength]. Def: Fancy, as in urge
5 TURKISH DD tongue (Language) and ref. to Turkish delight
6/26 LONG HAIR LONG (protracted) H[ot] AIR James May is apparently known for having scruffy hair – well you would when you’re a kid of the 70s who hasn’t really grown-up.
7 HELLRAISER HE’LL RAISE (get higher) R[um] Ref Oliver Reed the archetypal 60s/70s hellraiser. If he was that pissed for that long how did he make so many films? Some of them quite good.  When on a walking holiday in the Lake District one summer long ago I topped a rise in the middle of nowhere near Wast Water to find hundreds of people and film unit lorries etc. There was Ollie himself, plus female in a clinch, standing on a little promontory so that the amazing eastern scree the other side of the lake provided a backdrop.  That provided about 10 seconds of the film “The Devils”.
8 EMPATHY (PM)< (up Cameron) inside (THE YA)* AInd: disgraceful Def: fellow feeling
16 ILLITERACY ILL (bad) IT (sex) CARY* AInd: novel
19 IPSWICH I[ncompetent] C[legg] inside (WHIPS)* AInd: harassed
20 SERAPHS PH (boozer – Public House) inside (ARSES)* AInd: jiggling
22 AWKWARD A WK (short period – Week) WAR (conflict) D[icky]
28/2 LADY GAGA LAD (Bloke), (GAY)* AInd: outed, G (lots of cash) A (one) Def: who helps fill the tabloids.

… because OCT 31 = DEC 25 !

4 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 423 – Awkward empathy”

  1. FrankO says:

    Thanks for the took me way longer than 2 pints to solve this one.
    I took the 3/21 clue to be a reference to Ed Balls, one of the candidates in the Labour leadership contest.

  2. Beaker says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to find this one harder than previously – saying that I only just started being able to finish these with the two previous ones. Half way through #424 now…

  3. Petero says:

    I’m sure what you meant for 7d was HE’LL RAISE (get higher) on R[um]

  4. beermagnet says:

    Peter, Thank you – now corrected.
    Beaker, You will enjoy 424
    Frank, Yes I was forgetting our favourite ex-minister with an unfortunate name was in the running for that – doesn’t stand much chance against the might of the Miliband Snr money-fuelled monster. (I’m still doubtful about that clue – the surface reading doesn’t make that much sense.)

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