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Independent 7,438/Dac

Posted by Ali on 18th August 2010


There’s never a chance of a bad (or even average) puzzle with Dac, but he does like to throw in the occasional tricky one. I came completely unstuck on the NW corner here, due in no small measure to my inability to spot the double definition at 1A. There were one or two other tricky clues and slightly more obscure words as well, but all perfectly fair.

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Guardian 25,092 – Quantum

Posted by Andrew on 18th August 2010


As usual with Quantum, I am sadly unable to summon up much enthusiasm for this puzzle. Some reasonable clues, though nothing very exciting, but also some rather weak cryptic definitions, and a couple of technical niggles.

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Financial Times 13,467 / Mudd

Posted by Gaufrid on 18th August 2010


It may just be me, but Mudd seemed to be lacking some of his usual humour today. There were attempts at it, such as the definition in 8dn (though the overall surface didn’t make much sense), but none of the clues stood out particularly. 13ac did raise a wry smile but 28ac appeared to me to be faulty.

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Inquisitor 1138 – Up and Down by Nutmeg

Posted by duncanshiell on 18th August 2010


The preamble told us that in each column, one letter from the first answer is displaced to the top row of the grid, and one from the second answer to the bottom row, to form a thematic item (two words) at 1 across (top row) and two thematic items at 42 across (bottom row).  Four possible causes of such movement (though not the latest) are symmetrically placed in the grid and must be highlighted.  We were also told that two answers were abbreviations.

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