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Enigmatic Variations No. 927 Quotation by Salamanca

Posted by twencelas on August 21st, 2010


Well another shortish preamble this week, put relatively succinctly, the  aim is to find a quotation to fill two answers and the diagonal by discovering the unclued work it is from, then determine how this is to be used to derive the answers to four other clues. A couple of further comments – one of the answers, a verb is not in Chambers,  except in conjunction with another one, whilst one answer is listed as an abbreviation in Chambers. Definitely looks to be on the easy side of the EV spectrum, as Salamanca’s EV puzzles tend to be.

So the first target has to be the work at 2 across – cross checking answers giving M_C_ETH – no great problem in realising the name of the play –  that should not be named in a theatre, but may be in a blog MACBETH. Some very precise clueing made for a rapid grid-fill. Probably sub the half hour mark on the actual solving, if I account for numerous interruptions.

And the quote  “Something wicked this way comes” from Act IV Scene 1 of Macbeth, spoken by the second witch, to describe MacBeth’s arrival. This permits the filling of the 2 otherwise unclued cells in the diagonal. It’s context below:

“By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.
Open, locks,
Whoever knocks!”

This pointed to four answers with wicks i.e. wick-ed- CANDLE, LIGHTER, OIL LAMP and TAPER. Each of these had a secondary definition in the clue to guide the solver more directly. As to the title – it is what it says on the tin – A quotation.

And that’s it, basically – definitely a one for newcomers to the advanced cryptic puzzle, or for those more experienced solvers enjoying a break away from their reference books.

As to the oddities in Chambers – TOING at 15ac is in Chambers only as “toing and froing”  – SPEC is only an abbreviation in Chambers. Both would not, I believe, require a dictionary to resolve though.


Underline = definition; DD = Double definition, * Anagram,


2 See preamble (7)
MACBETH (Quotation origin)
7 See 11
10 Attempt to catch a young pig (5)
Shot (attempt) around a = SHOAT
12 Bet drama’s lacking introduction (3)
Play – start = LAY
13 I note anger (3)
I + re (note) = IRE
15 Moving backwards one enters Boston (strangler’s hold) (5)
Tong = (US) hold around I (one) = TOING
16 Italian spirit initially ignored for Brazilian port? (3)
Brio – start = RIO
17, 28 & diagonal Quotation (27, 5 words)
18 Award for skill introducing English (4)
Art around e (English) = ARET
19 Rosé maybe, with one not very old (4)
W (with) + I (one) + ne (old word for not) = WINE
20 French head teacher’s starting before summer in Nice (4)
T (teacher’s start) + ete (french for summer) = TETE (French for head)
21 A word in your ear — AA are not involved in Renault model (4)
Passat – aa = PSST
24 Another showing of ‘Queen’ in series (5)
Run (series) around er (queen) = RERUN
25 Sort of dish for cooking tripe (5)
(tripe)* = PETRI (bacteria growing dish)
27 Pulls ranks in Acrosses, say (4)
30 Wings are long and external initially (4)
A + L + a +e (initials) = ALAE
32 Most of particle is mere guesswork (4)
Speck – k = SPEC (short for specification)
34 Pathetic person starting to decrease rent (4)
D + rip = DRIP
35 Mexican berry, red fruit, not good inside (9)
Tomato around ill (not good) = TOMATILLO (native Mexican plant)
37 Its flickering will illuminate, quotation (6)
CANDLE (as in wick-ed)
38 Slow piece with mostly silent spirit (5)
Dumb (silen) – b + ka (spirit) = DUMKA
39 Near tip of extended digit (3)
Near (as in left) t + o + e = TOE
40 Orchestra with concern for the environment (3)
DD ECO (English Chamber Orchestra)
41 One who’ll record quotation (5)
TAPER (as in wick-ed)
42 Vibrating sound used to be on radio? (4)
Homonym (were) = WHIR
43 Put new electric cables in on wider processing (7)
Re (on) + (wider)* = REWIRED

1 Time components are brought up for shoe fastening (6, hyphenated)
T + Rev(parts) = T-STRAP
2 Not one ram’s-horn blown to get gazelles (6)
(ramshorn –an)* = MHORRS
3 Are (you) able to put name in shed? (5)
N in cast (shed) = CANST
4 Fragrant resin from tree , one found outside Europe (5)
Elm + I around e(Europe) = ELEMI
5 Thanks Leonard with first of ten attractive young girls (6)
Ta + len + t = TALENT
6 Violently emotional, starting to emit this cry possibly (8)
(e+thiscry)* = HYSTERIC
7 Vessel with no cargo would be quotation (if running on petrol?) (7)
LIGHTER (as in wick-ed petrol lighter)
8 Runner leaves hospital with old mule driver (7)
Harrier – h + o (old) = ARRIERO
9 United once, second in the league in polo? (5)
Mint (polo) around e = MEINT
11 & 7A It provided light quotation (7. 2 words)
OIL LAMP (as in wicked)
14 Strong booze not posh enough to be brewed (5)
(enough – u(posh))* = HOGEN
19 He painted Hitler’s ranting after the start of war(8)
W + (hitlers)* = WHISTLER
22 Old jars found in moats (7)
(inmoats)* = STANMOI
23 DeaIer around Spain one preparing grapes for 19A (7)
Trader (dealer) around e = TREADER (crushing grapes for wine)
25 Old jester’s cloth badge (5)
26 A recipe is not right when cooked for each individually (6)
(arecipe – r)* = APIECE
28 See preamble
29 Fruit on board ship pointed weapons (6)
Pear In SS (ship) = SPEARS
31 See funny hat that’s no longer repulsive (5)
Lo (see) + (hat)* = LOATH (archaic)
33 It bends underneath when top of bonnet’s lowered (5)
Below moving b = ELBOW
34 Almost grim Arabian tent village (5)
Dour – r + ar = DOUAR
36 Shoot Empress (3)
DD = IMP (imp = abbreviation for empress)

3 Responses to “Enigmatic Variations No. 927 Quotation by Salamanca”

  1. Dave Hennings says:

    Hello Pedants,
    An enjoyable, albeit easy, puzzle from Salamanca. It is, however, Volkswagen who make the Passat, not Renault (21ac)!

  2. Jake says:

    Dave, I think Renault make a Passat too. I swear I’ve seen/read about one somewhere. It may be obsolete but there is one!

    Nice easy crossword, I enjoyed it. Thanks for blog.

  3. twencelas says:

    Dave – Apologies for the lateness of my reply, as I’ve spent the last fortnight walking in the French alps. And whilst, in my defence, I’m not a car owner or driver, you are quite right the clue should, I believe, refer to a Volkswagen and not a renault model.

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