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Financial Times 13,464 by Cincinnus

Posted by Pete Maclean on August 26th, 2010

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of August 14
A fine Cincinnus this time with great anagrams in 24A (SVENGALI) and 5D (NOW THERE’S A THING), a dazzling cryptic definition in 13D (GOOD IN PARTS), and some good double definitions. I also like 10A (WELL-NIGH).

1. POWHATAN – PO[ndicherry] + WHAT (pardon) + AN (an). A Powhatan was a member of the Algonquian people who lived in Virginia (where I live).
6. SECURE – CUR (dog) in SEE (check out)
9. STAPLE – double definition
10. WELL-NIGH – LL (£50) + N (note) together in WEIGH (consider)
11. SPRY – R (resistance) in SPY (agent)
12. ETHOLOGIST – anagram of GOT THE OILS. No, no, not THEOLOGIST!
14. SHREWDER – SHREW (bad-tempered woman) + RED (Titian) backwards. As well as being an Old Master, TITIAN refers to a bright reddish-gold colour named after him.
16. OKRA – OK (fine) + RA[in]
18. UGLI – homophone (“ugly”)
19. SPANIARD – SPA (resort) + DRAIN (empty) backwards
21. ELIMINATED – I (one) + MIN (minute) together in ELATED (on cloud 9)
22. PAGE – P (quiet) + AGE (time)
24. SVENGALI – anagram of VANGELIS
26. ERRING – ER (Queen) + RING (band)
27. BLOWER – B (bishop) + LOWER (subordinate)
28. GO TO SEED – GO TO SEE (visit) + [woul]D

2. ON TOP – ONTO (aware of) + P (power)
3. HAPPY MEDIUM – double definition
4. THE BENDS – N[o] D[iving] in THEBES (ancient city)
6. SOLELY – [sw]E[et] in SOLLY (Solomon)
7. CON – double definition
8. REGISTRAR – GIST (substance) + R (right) both in REAR (the end)
13. GOOD IN PARTS – double/cryptic definition (no ham actor). If you are not familiar with the meaning of the term “curate’s egg”, please look it up to get the full, illustrated story. I suggest Wikipedia.
15. HIGH-LEVEL – HIGH (on a trip) + LEVEL (even)
17. HARDIEST – anagram of HIS TRADE
20. UNFAIR – [f]UNFAIR (where rides are, not beginning)
23. GENIE – GEN (information) + IE (that is)
25. NEW – homophone (“knew”)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,464 by Cincinnus”

  1. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Thanks again, Pete, and like you I thought this was Cincinnus back on form after a few lesser [though still enjoyable] puzzles.

    Many contenders for my Clue of the Day [including two of your list (5d and 13d)].
    I also liked the very concise definition in 21 ac’s ELIMINATED (‘out’).
    For a while I was wondering why Cincinnus used Pondicherry of all places to get a P and an O. But after I found out that it is a place in India, it makes sense in combination with ‘Indian’ in the clue [which is, of course, another kind of Indian].

    Good crossword!

  2. Wil Ransome says:

    The usual very good crossword from Cincinnus, but I was a bit doubtful about his ‘Leaders in Pondicherry’ to give PO. I haven’t seen this before (but have seen things like ‘first two in Pondicherry’) and it seems a bit loose to me. It could be PO or PON or POND or … Is it justified?

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