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Independent 7447 Nestor 28-August-2010

Posted by beermagnet on September 4th, 2010


I can’t spell Tiananmen. I had it as Tiannamen for ages which held me up on the SW corner and 15D in particular of course. In fact, I would’ve spelt it Tianamen except for the letter count and extra N in the fodder but didn’t doubt it was just a doubling of the N.
Anyway, I completed the right hand side of the grid with now great trouble, but struggled with the left.
Help please to parse 19D.

1 SCRUFF R[ight] inside SCUFF (mark on shoe) Def: ragamuffin. But shouldn’t it be “Right worn by mark on shoe”? This was ne of the last I got and only because it couldn’t be much else:
Mark on show possibly worn by right ragamuffin (6)
10 WORSEN SE[a] inside WORN
12 ASSOCIATED PRESS ASSOCIATED (mingled) PRESS (crowd) Normally known just as AP
14 MERENGUE ENG[lish] U inside MERE (simple) A Caribbean dance – I had to look this up to check
16 MILES DD Ref. Miles Davis and “Very much” as in “Miles away”
18 MOURN MO (How one operates – Modus Operandi) URN (vessel)
20 BY DESIGN YD (yard) inside (BEINGS)* AInd: strange
24 TIANANMEN SQUARE Not Tiannamen (QUARANTINE MEANS)* AInd: shifting. Second answer entered – wrongly. Infamous place.
26 POITIERS OP< I (one) TIERS (levels) Nice town – worth a visit and surrounding area
27 ARTHUR ART (cunning) HUR[l] Def. refers to the Dudley Moore film made after he hit the bigtime in “10”. I suppose he was happy with the fortune and world-wide fame, but I couldn’t help feeling it was a waste of his considerable comedic and musical talents
29 TUREEN E[ndiv]E inside TURN (sour)
2 CROSSBEAM (BOSS)* AInd:wrought, inside CREAM (off-white)
3 UPSLOPE P[eak] in US (American), LOPE (bound)
4 FUNDING FUN (enjoyable) DING (little bash). My car’s bumper has a few dings
6 HOUSE [w]HO (which people), USE (apply)
7 CHEAPSIDE HEAPS (Miles, ref answer 16A) inside CID,E Runs from St Pauls to Bank
8 STONE ME (NOT SEEM)* AInd: cultured
9 THRUSH THRUS[t] (nearly shoved) H[ard]
13 TREMBLE M[ass] inside TREBLE (DESCANT, ref answer 21D)
15 NARRATIVE ARR[ives] inside NATIVE (indigenous).
17 SUGAR-CUBE C[ocaine] inside ([d]RUG ABUSE)* AInd: foiled
19 OVATION Can some help with this. Last answer entered. I can see the Def is “Warm reception” but the rest escapes me:
Warm reception after pub that would be new (7)
21 DESCANT DES (Ref. Des O’Connor) CAN’T. No, he probably can’t now.
22 SHUTTER SH (Wrap up) UTTER (total). I found it difficult to see this wordplay for some reason.
Wrap up total protection for Windows (7)
23 STEP UP U[ranium] inside STEPP[e] First answer entered.
25 MARAT MAR[ch] A[oû]T The chap most noted now for his death in the bath at the hands of Charlotte Corday, possibly because of the painting by David (no, not the footballer)

7 Responses to “Independent 7447 Nestor 28-August-2010”

  1. Phi says:

    19d – OVATION after INN would be INNOVATION

  2. flashling says:

    Phi beat me to it for 19d, I also had the ssme trouble with that Chinese square! This was an enjoyable little solve over a couple of pints for me anyway.

  3. Allan_C says:

    As I observed earlier this week, Indy crosswords aren’t just for pleasure and relaxation – they’re educational! MERENGUE was new to me, and I would have spelt 24a ‘Tianenmen’. But spelling vaiations are always likely when transliterating from Mandarin, Russian, Arabic or whatever. A certain other newspaper (not blogged on this site) tends to be quirky in this respect.
    Guessed 11a straightaway, but took ages to understand the clue.

  4. sidey says:

    re scruff, if you wear a sock then your foot is in the sock.

    “Right worn by mark on shoe” would give RscuffT, imho.

    Some nicely constructed clues. Dud film, excellent misdirection, possibly a double definition.

  5. scchua says:

    Thanks beermagnet for the blog.

    Quite pleased as this appears to be first time in many weeks that the Saturday puzzle appears and appears error-free. Thanks to the people at the Indy, if they read this blog.

    Also, one of the rare times I’ve got a prize crossword all correct.
    The spelling thing didn’t get me on 24A, but it did hold me up a bit where I’m more used to the alternative “meringue”.

    Re 22D, my reading is “SHUTTER” as a verb in the sense of closing down, ie. to wrap up (eg. a business). And thus it’s a double definition. (I may be wrong.)

  6. scchua says:

    Re 5. left out… “meringue” in 14A.

  7. beermagnet says:

    Bit late – but have just found this example of the MERENGUE (maybe)

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