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Independent on Sunday 1072 by Quixote – 29th August 2010

Posted by Handel on September 5th, 2010


This week’s IoS was of average difficulty we reckoned, taking just under half an hour. A number of enjoyable surfaces and a couple of words that were new to us. Only 19dn remains in doubt – see below for details. Presumably we’ve missed something there.


1. S(A)MITE hadn’t heard of the fabric, so this was one of the last in


9. A EROB< I< C

11. A LAM OR T not heard of this before either, but perfectly gettable nonetheless

12. CON SON ANT h remembers an edition of Countdown in which Jo Brand decried the inability of many to pronounce this word. How right she was

13. prophET HOSea

14. TERPSICHOREAN (parent is)* around ‘chore’

17. NATIONAL TRUST ‘redeveloping the western borders of Northern Territory’ = NT, the short form of the organisation

20. REGAL<


23. BO< LOG NA<

24. S(A HARe)And

25. LEAD TIME (detail)* then ‘me’

26. C(L)ARE T




3. T A BOO

5. REACTIONARIES (I care not)* then ‘aries’

6. STATE MENT sounds like ‘meant’

7. MO ORHEN mo then (heron)*

8. siDE TEST

10. CHANCE ONE’S ARM (see canon)* within ‘charm’. The usual your/one’s dilemma led us astray for a little while here


16. ETHERNET (three, ten)*

17. NIGELLA dd ref a fennel flower and Nigella Lawson off the telly


19. TRI(B)AL ‘Suffering of community with invasion of British’ not sure on this one. Seems like ‘suffering’ and ‘community’ are the wrong way round, but happy to be put straight as ever

5 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1072 by Quixote – 29th August 2010”

  1. scchua says:

    Thanks Handel for the blog.
    Agree with you on the degree of difficulty, but a pleasant solve nonetheless. Thanks Quixote.
    Yes, 19D seems inside out. Or else, instead of “Suffering of community with invasion of British”, it should have been “…with expulsion of British”!
    Small typo in your 24A: should be S(A HARe)ANd.
    Re 11A: If I may split hairs, I think “alamort” means more than “half-dead”, but mortally – ie. no coming back. But the “half-dead” did misdirect as I was trying to fit “de-” or “ad-” into the answer.

  2. alan j cannon says:

    Just a general comment. I haven’t looked here for a while so i don’t if there has been any discussion about flickering of the indy xword in recent days or is it an effect local to my pc on just this one page. Also is there any way of getting a print out of the said xword beside the unsatisfactory print screen. For the more difficult compilers i do like a paper version although i try keep this to minimum; print outs all over the place.

  3. sidey says:

    alan, flickering would seem to be a local problem, I haven’t seen anyone else mention it. Your Java may need updating. The crossword is available to print using but I didn’t tell you, for some reason it sometimes can’t load the current puzzle until latish morning.

    Good fare from Quixote apart from the oddness of 19d.

  4. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Didn’t do this crossword, but looked at 19d.
    One cán read it like this:
    ‘Suffering’ (TRIAL) which becomes ‘of community’ (TRIBAL, adj.) when ‘British'(B) invades.

  5. Paul B says:

    Yesh: ‘TRIAL (becomes) TRI(B)AL with invasion of B’.

    But as we’re so used to having a def at one end or the other with such as this clue-type, it probably seems a bit odd.

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