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Independent 7455 by Phi

Posted by flashling on September 7th, 2010


Well, what have we here, Phi on a Tuesday, unusual. Still a mostly gentle ride today.

1 Repapered, REP + APE + RED
6 Sugar, Sweet. Don’t get the wordplay here, it’s probably obvious but I just don’t see it.
9 Amsterdam, Master with MA reversed + DAM
10 Viral, Vial around R
11 Sweater Girls, Pin ups I suppose, S(erious) + Weather Girls without H(unky)
14 Disgrace, Dig + Race around S
15 Nevada, E + V(ocalised) in Nada (Spanish for Nothing)
17 Epochs, long time – COP (get) in SHE reversed
19 Offshore, O(ld) F(ellow) FORE about SH
22 Bloodstained, Anag of Oboist landed
25 Proud, Prud(e) about O
26 Short List, L(ine) IS, LIS(t) A short “list”
27 Dingy D(uke) IN G(enerall)Y
28 Ritornell, Anag of Tenor in (T)RILL, A repeated musical passage

1 Rhapsodies, Anag of Prose I dash
2 Possession, Posses (Gangs of people helping a sheriff) + Son around I, needing exorcism.
3/24 Prester John, a c.12th Legendary King in China. Pester Around R + John (toliet). I did spend a while wondering
if it was Prest + ER and thinking what does prest have to do with bother, oh well.
4 Redirect, RED + IRE + CT
5 Dimwit, TIMID reversed about W
6 Saville, Jenny Saville English Painter. A in S Ville
7 Germ, Hidden in Dan(GER M)oney
8 Rule, Ru(BB)le without the books
12 Mayonnaise, Anag of AmyInsane around O
13 Sacerdotal, S(pecial) + (Altar code)* – Priestly. Nice surface I thought.
16 Offshoot, (T)offs + hoot
18 Holiday, Hold around I + A Y(ear)
20 Scatter, Cat(whip) in Ster(n)
21 Dowser, Do + W(i)ser
23 Spud, no, not Slang for potato but the knife used to make holes in the ground to plant them. S(econd) + Pud – Hand

13 Responses to “Independent 7455 by Phi”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi flashling
    6ac is [a spa]RAGUS reversed.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you, flashling. Needed your and Gaufrid’s help to understand SUGAR. Otherwise an enjoyable solve as usual with the less common words clearly clued. Didn’t help myself by putting SACREDOTAL in initially for 13dn, but you’re right, it’s a very good surface.

    Eimi’s bagsied Friday again, then …

  3. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, Flashling. I found this tricky enough for a Phi puzzle but got there in the end, also did not understand SUGAR wordplay till coming here, thanks Gaufrid. Enjoyable solve as always from Phi.

  4. Handel says:

    I found this a good deal harder than I’ve come to expect from Phi, and spent most of my lunchhour staring at a half-empty grid as a result. The surfaces were smooth as ever and it’s all perfectly sound, but there were just too many unknowns for me (11ac, 28ac, 3dn, 13dn, 23dn). At least I’ve learnt something today…

  5. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks, flashling. You say “gentle” but PRESTER JOHN and SACERDOTAL beat me, never having heard of either. The wordplay for the former looks straightforward now you explain it, but even having parsed the clue for 13dn, the rather non-deterministic anagram for the latter did for me.

  6. flashling says:

    Simon I did say mostly gentle! Thanks Gaufrid for explaing 6ac. Sacerdotal I’ve seen quite a few times in the Indy over the years.

  7. Lenny says:

    Thanks Flashling and a well-clued puzzle from Phi with no dubious abbreviations. I finished with one letter wrong, having Spad instead of spud. I guessed that spad could be a variant of spade and pad=hand. Ideally a clue should not have an obscure definition and obscure wordplay but no-one has complained so everyone else must have known spud=digger and pud=hand.

  8. eimi says:

    No Eimi or other topical puzzle on Friday, so why was this published today? Phi loves to outwit the bloggers/commenters. Can you respond to the challenge?

  9. flashling says:

    Well if there was a nina / date theme for today it’s a real whoosh over the head job Eimi/Phi. Although you can’t argue about you bumping if you felt like a change this week. Lenny I felt the same about spud, had to check, normally I do this off line but as I was blogging, I did have access to on line dictionaries.

    I’d have gone for spad, if doing dead tree version as a guess.

  10. flashling says:

    I’m assured by Eimi there is a hidden theme here! Good luck folks.

  11. nmsindy says:

    I think it’s Man Booker short list with some former winners eg Amsterdam, Disgrace.

  12. Allan_C says:

    I think you’re right there, nmsindy.

    Lenny & flashling – there is a word ‘spad’ but it has nothing to do with digging; it’s an acronym for Signal Passed At Danger, an untoward incident on the railway. Probably not in dictionaries yet.

    The legend of Prester John can be found at
    It was also the theme of an early novel by John Buchan, published 1910, so its centenary this year might be a subsidiary theme of this crossword – though I doubt it.

  13. Phi says:

    Bravo, Niall

    All the one-word Booker prize-winners (+ SHORTLIST). Sadly the announced shortlist fails to include the best novel of the year, which will make the later puzzle referencing it even more of a hidden Nina…

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