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Financial Times 13,485 / Gozo

Posted by Gaufrid on September 8th, 2010


This was effectively four puzzles in one since the quadrants were only connected by a single square in the middle of the grid.

The clues in this puzzle ranged from very easy to obscure, with one answer (6dn) and some definitions or parts of the wordplay (eg 29ac, 31ac & 18dn) that wouldn’t have been out of place in an Azed or other barred-grid puzzle. A very quick solve for me but I suspect that others may have found this one tricky in places.

All definitions are from Chambers 11th Ed.

1 GROUSE  GR (king {George Rex}) OUSE (river) – 2 defs.
4 REDSTART  D (director) in RESTART (new beginning)
9 MAGPIE  MAG (small publication) PIE (mixed print)
10 DRAUGHTS  d&cd
11 BANTAM  BA (graduate) NT (books) AM (before noon)
12 PATIENCE  d&cd – a reference to the Gilbert and Sullivan comic opera, also known as Bunthorne’s Bride.
13 POP  dd
14 RUSTLE  homophone of ‘Russell’ (philosopher) – a reference to Bertrand Russell.
21 RAVAGE  AV (Bible {Authorised Version}) in RAGE (anger)
25,16 CONDOR  CONDO (US apartment block) R (right)
26 IN UNISON  NUN (convent resident) in 11 (team) NOS (numbers) reversed
27 TOUCAN  *(OUT) CAN (prison)
28 PHEASANT  *(SHAPE) ANT (worker)
29 PETREL  TR (Turkey {IVR}) in PEEL (Borders’ dwelling) – peel or peel-house: “orig a fortified dwelling-house, usu entered by a ladder to the first floor, with a vaulted ground floor for cattle, common on the English/Scottish Borders (historical)”.
30 ROULETTE  LET (permit) in ROUTE (the way)
31 UNITES  dd – unite: “an English gold coin of James I, worth 20 shillings, later 22 shillings”.

3 SUITABLE  SUIT (outfit) ELBA (island) reversed
6 SQUAIL  S (small) QUAIL (1D {game-bird}) – “a counter for playing squails”; squails: “a parlour-game similar to tiddlywinks, in which small discs are snapped from the edge of the table to a centre mark”.
8 TESTER  dd – “a canopy or its support, or both, esp over a bed”.
12 PONTOON  dd – ‘yes and no’ indicating that ‘pontoon’ is both a card game (completely different from bridge) and a type of bridge.
15 ELL  hidden in ‘towELLing’
18 NAPOLEON  3 defs. – “a French modification of the game of euchre, each player receiving five cards and playing as an individual (commonly nap)”, “a twenty-franc gold coin issued by Napoleon I” and “a small, rich iced cake with layers of puff pastry filled with cream, custard or jam”.
19 BACCARAT  dd – “a French card game in which players bet money against the banker” and “a type of crystal made at Baccarat, France”.
20 REYNOLDS  *(ONLY) in REDS (colours) – a reference to Sir Joshua Reynolds.
22 DIPPER  dd&cd
23 BUREAU  dd
24 TISSUE  T (time) ISSUE (publish)
25 CORNET  CO (firm) *(RENT)

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