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Independent 7456/Dac

Posted by John on September 8th, 2010


The usual excellent crossword from Dac. There is absolutely nothing (apart perhaps from 20dn) that I have any problem with, and all the clues have a deceptively simple and elegant surface.

1 HOPELESS — referring to the pairing of Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in the ‘Road to …‘ films; when Crosby was on his own he was without Hope (actually he wasn’t hopeless then, probably rather better, but that’s not the point)
5 RABBIT — 2 defs
9 REST-CURE — Ur in (Crete’s)*
10 ADO RE {brothe}R
11 Buxton And, Typically, Harrogate Spa
12 ENCLOSURE — 2 defs
14 C ENTRE(STAG)E — stag is men only
18 LOVE-IN A MIST — love-in a.m. (it’s)*, the flower
21 MON(T ERR)EY — I suspected that Dac had made a mistake here, until I discovered that the Monterey that features in John Steinbeck’s novels is a quite different place from this, indeed is in a different country
22 WE B(E)R
24 C.H. IN ATE A
25 STEPPE — (pets)rev. PE
2 POSITING — P.O. siting
3 LUC{k} AS — referring to George Lucas
4 SCREENSAVER — 2 defs, one of them whimsical
6 ANDROMEDA — (modern)* in ad, a: a = about is an abbreviation that is in Chambers but always surprises me by not being more often used by setters
13 CHARITY SHOP — (history)* in chap
15 RELIEF MAP — (fail{u}re MEP)*, definition simply ‘plan’, very nice clue
16 BI(MBE)TTE{r}
17 STAR PART — (trap rats)rev.
19 1 M AGES
20 INMATE — (matine{e})* — the Birdman of Alcatraz was an inmate — I’m not absolutely convinced that ‘Early end to special matinee’ is an indication to shorten matinee and then make an anagram of it; ‘Special early end to matinee’ would be OK, but perhaps Dac was favouring the surface — at any rate that’s my excuse for eventually failing on this one
22 sWAN DAily — referring to the film ‘A Fish Called Wanda’

10 Responses to “Independent 7456/Dac”

  1. scchua says:

    John, thanks for the blog.
    Thanks to Dac also for another nice puzzle.
    Favourite clue 26A, for ignoring punctuation.
    Re6D: You may be quite right about “a”=”about”, but perhaps it didn’t need to apply here. Believe the last “a” in “andromeda” is refered to by “…article” in the clue.
    Also, I note the rare use of “qu” for “queen”, from the usual “er”,”r” or even “q”, in 7D.

  2. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Many thanks, John. BARQUE was the only one I couldn’t see, getting fixated with the R in ADORER being the queen reference. I’m sure it’s been done before, but I really liked STAR PART.

    Like scchua, I took the A in 6dn to be ‘article’.

    Dac never disappoints – good puzzle again today.

  3. alan j cannon says:

    Further general comment. Funny how a moan presumably in the right place can have the desired effect. No more flickering and i didn’t notice java updating itself but hey! Thanks sidey for address but have to admit i couldn’t navigate to the reqd page, evenso the compiler looks interesting.

  4. Lenny says:

    This was a gentle exercise with not too many of Dax’s trademark abbreviations. The only one I had not seen before was Tr. for translator but, yes, it is in Chambers and Collins. I had the same problem as John not realising that Monterrey and Monterey are two diiferent places but the wordplay is quite clear.

    I liked the clue to Love-in-a-mist and I finished with Bimbette working my way through CBE, DBE, GBE, KBE, CBE and OBE to get the right order.

  5. NealH says:

    This was a very enjoyable puzzle. I had a bit of trouble with the top left corner, mainly because I convinced myself for a while that 11 across must be gates because that was hidden in “Harrogate spa” and also the l and s towards end of 1 across did make it look like it might be an anagram of solo. My favourite clues were 18 across and 17 down.

  6. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, John. As you say, an excellent puzzle, even by the exalted standards of Dac. I esp liked HOPELESS, RABBIT, ENCLOSURE, GRAMMY, CHARITY SHOP, STAR PART, INMATE.

  7. flashling says:

    Thanks John/Dac, never come across barque before. 1ac had me going thinking about Crosby Stills Nash & Young rather than Bing until it twigged.

    Usual nice stuff from Dac, did wonder about stag=men rather than man but we did have recently a similar thing with hen (parties).

  8. John says:

    Everyone’s so kind to me. Yes I was quite wrong in my parsing of 6dn and my a = about is clearly a red herring: obviously ‘about’ is needed to get ad round the outside of the anagram.

  9. Merlyn says:

    Nice (but didn’t do too well) – I liked 22D, because I love the film.

  10. Merlyn says:

    Is there some particular event that is marked with all the cinematic references, or is Dac just a film buff?

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