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Inquisitor 1141: Tough Times by Samuel

Posted by kenmac on September 8th, 2010



Inquisitor 1141: Tough Times by Samuel

The preamble tells us that redundancies have been made in 12 entries and their clues. My first thought was that we were probably looking for various standard crossword “workers” (bee, hand, ant, man, etc.) omitted from entries but it turned out that all 12 had ANT missing. 3a (RETRAINING) and 35a (RELOCATION) were possible solutions. Finally, we had to highlight what the “workers” might look forward to and there we have RECOVERY in the main diagonal (from row 3, column 3.)

All-in-all a fairly easy puzzle. I have to say that I prefer puzzles where the theme has to be discovered (as in Hard Going from Phi, last week.) This one just seemed to have too much given away up front and a theme that was too easy to guess.

Of course, it’s entirely possible that I’ve missed some subtlety and I look forward to being put right.

There was a slight error in the numbering of down clues. 29d was shown as 28d. I’ve shown 29 below.

And there was a “dog’s dinner” of a mess in 9a; “Begin to dismiss second lie (” actually belongs to Inquisitor 1140’s 9a.

Interesting that TRONC (4d) which I wasn’t aware of ever encountering before popped in Enigmatic Variations the very next day.

Across (affected clues in magenta)
No Entry Original Definition Wordplay
3 RETRAINING (unclued)
9 LOOK ROUND Double definition (with free dog’s breakfast – see above)
11 ERRS ERRANTS wandering knights (short for knights errant) [h]ERRS (German lords)
12 ISOMER more (or less) energetic radical [p]ROMISE[s] (anag: rioting)
13 ROTENONE poison ROT (tease)+EN (enrolled nurse)+ONE (drink: “one for the road”)
14 SALT SALTANT Double definition
16 ECLECTIC broad (not sure why it’s capitalized) ICC ELECT (anag: stunned)
18 BORNEO Pacific island BORNE (carried)+O (round)
22 PLAR PLANTAR what’s under the arch (as in arch of a foot) P[rotect]+LAR (god)
23 TRAS TANTRAS religious writings TRAS[h] (rubbish endlessly)
24 VAGILE able to move about V(ery)+AGILE (nimble)
25 ENGINEER mechanic ENG(raver)+IN (on the spot)+E’ER (contraction of ever)
28 MEDI MEDIANT tone MEDI[c] (physician)-C(onservative)
30 CORN RENT handing over grain in settlement CORN(ish)+R (take)+ENT(hospital department)
32 PLASHY puddle-like [s]PLASHY (wet and muddy)-S(un)
33 HYDR HYDRANT fireman’s connection [lengt]HY DR[ive] (hidden: somewhat)
34 DISATTIRE undress ARTIST (anag: aroused) inside DIE (exit)
35 RELOCATION (unclued)
No Entry Original Definition Wordplay
1 PLER PLANTER settler REPL[y] (anag: troubled)
2 COROCORE boat O(n) inside CROC(odile) (mugger)+[b]O[a]R[d]E[d] (regularly)
3 RORTY lively [f]ORTY (French academy) with F(ellow) replaced by R(ector)
4 TRONC tips TRON (weighing machine)+C[ollapse]
5 ROTOLOS weights RO (run out)+TO+LOS[e] (get away from) (almost)
6 INSECTA arthropods STIN[g] ACE (anag: horribly)-G(ood)
7 ISMAILI Muslim IS+MAIL (homophone: we hear: male)+I(ndependent)
8 GARTERED in suspenders G(erman)+[b]ARTERED (topless)
10 MEL MANTEL a place to put ornaments [hoMEL[y] (hidden: in part)
15 OBTEMPER yield obedience OB (old boy)+TEMPER (moderate)
17 CALENDRY where rollers are used? CA (consumer association)+LEND (provide)+RY (railway)
19 RANDALL A first name meaning wolf-like shield? RAND (strip)+ALL (every man)
20 EPICHIC EPICANTHIC like a Mongolian facial feature EPIC (long)+HIC (this)
21 OVEREAT gorge EA (water) inside OVERT (clear)
26 ENATI ANTENATI Scots born before 1603 E(nglish)+NAT(ionalist)+I[gnores] (initially)
27 KEY IN type E[colog]Y (gutless) inside KIN (catty: Chinese weight)
29 ELU ELUANT solvent EL (railway)+U[nion] (leader)
31 TRER TRANTER carrier R[wandan] (capital letter only) inside TER(ritory)

4 Responses to “Inquisitor 1141: Tough Times by Samuel”

  1. Colin Blackburn says:

    I had the same first thought as you. It came from fitting MANTRAS to 23ac and so having a MAN redundant in addition to the ANT from my other entry at that time. When I got a second ANT I thought maybe several examples of each redundancy. Three ANTs later I checked whether TANTRA was a word-not even considering that it should be from TANTRIC.

    I agree it was at the easier end with a theme that could be worked out quite quickly. However, I’m happy to see such puzzles in the Inquisitor (and EV) series and enjoy tackling them.

  2. Colin Blackburn says:

    …and thanks for explaining 9ac. I didn’t see the previous puzzle so thought I was missing some clever, subtle wordplay.

  3. Samuel says:

    I agree that this was at the easy end, but I’m a believer that a) easier puzzles have a place, if only to entice new solvers, and b) that a puzzle should find its own level of difficulty, which this one did. There are (much) harder Samuel puzzles to come!

  4. kenmac says:

    Hi Samuel,

    It’s nice to know that some of the setters look in here. And, I agree that easier puzzles have their place. Looking forward to the “harder Samuels” though!

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