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Crossword Who’s Who

Posted by Admin on September 9th, 2010


Those of you interested in some background information about setters and other people, past and present, connected with crosswords may wish to visit the new Crossword Who’s Who.

3 Responses to “Crossword Who’s Who”

  1. Jake says:

    Excellent! Thanks for the link Administrator. Nice one.

  2. Mike Laws says:

    Interesting, but far from complete. For example, there’s a lot of stuff in Azed’s book that could be incorporated.

  3. anax says:

    Hi Mike

    As I understand it the Who’s Who section of Michael Curl’s website has only just been incorporated in the past week or so, and until a few days ago was extremely sparse. A huge amount has been added in a very short time and I’m sure it’s an ongoing process. I can only guess that the information gathered so far has come from internet sources (including contacting setters who can be emailed) and that printed works are yet to be explored.

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