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Financial Times 13,486 / Styx

Posted by smiffy on September 9th, 2010


One of those strange puzzle that took longer than average to gain an initial toehold, but then offered decreasing levels of resistance thereafter as the answers seem to flow with continual acceleration.  A couple of vocabulary blind spots (10A, 7D) prevented me from attaining terminal velocity however.

As a programming note aside: I’ll shall be airborne for a decent slug of Thursday, so unable to respond too promptly to  corrections/questions. TTFN


1 BOLDNESS – (L + end<) in boss.
5 TINSEL – tin + sel{l}.
10 DIES NON – One’s* in din.  Latin phrases are rarely bread-and-butter to me, so I had to wait for all the checkers before figuring out the wordplay plausibly.
11 OUTLAST – {y}out{h} + last.
12 ENEMA – enem{y} + a.  The second time in a couple of weeks  that this answer has cropped up during my blogging duties.
13 ITINERANT – tine in (I + rant).
14 DESERT ISLAND – a in (Endless dirt)*.
18 SCARLET FEVER – scar + (felt)*+ ever.
21 AUSTRALIA – (A ritual’s)* + a.
23 ERASE – r in ease; pretty much as instructed by the clue…
24 INSIGHT – I + (s{oldier} in night).
25 GROWLER – L in grower.
26 TIPPER – double def’n.
27 PRISONER – son in prier.

1 BODIES – B.O. (bodily odour) + dies.
2 LIEGES – e.g. in lies.
3 NONPAREIL – No + (pare in nil).  Second only to nonsuch in the realms of “non…” words, if you ask me.  It’s case is not helped by applying its superlative nature to these far from “ideal” sweets.
4 SENTIMENTALITY – sent + I + mentality.  A bit watery for my taste.
6 ISTLE -Is + {f}elt<.
7 SOAKAWAY – (oak + a) in sway.  Another new word to me, and the last one in.  But I got lucky with a bit of divine inspiration after staring at the slightly daunting S_A_A_A_ for about twenty seconds.
8 LATITUDE – (a tit) in duel*.
9 DOG IN THE MANGER – Do + gin + them + anger.
15 SKELETONS – (keel not) in SS.  I liked this one due to the smooth surface.
16 ESSAYIST – (say is) in Est.
17 PASSES UP – asses in pup.
19 CALL ON – all in con.
22 ROGUE – (Irish) {b}rogue{s}.

4 Responses to “Financial Times 13,486 / Styx”

  1. Ferret says:

    Finally got round to this on the train this morning. Only one I struggled to parse was 20D? I assume the answer is HEARER as in auditor, but couldn’t get any further? Hoped to get the full works here…but seemingly Smiffy was called to the departure gate befohaving a chance to complete :~)

    I’m not convinced of the accuracy of 1D? It reads as either LBODNESS or BODNELSS?

  2. Ferret says:

    Sorry, should be 1A above!

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Ferret
    20dn is hidden in ‘attacHE ARE Ringing’. I agree with your quibble about 1ac.

  4. Ferret says:

    Thanks Gaufrid….how can things so obvious be missed?

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