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Independent 7,458 by Punk

Posted by Simon Harris on September 10th, 2010

Simon Harris.

I think after Phi popped up on Tuesday, it was anybody’s guess who we’d be doing battle with today. In the end it was Punk, who we haven’t seen for a little while. I’ve no idea whether the date has any significance for 15ac, and some light web searching hasn’t helped. I worked out how to use Facebook, and asked a friend on there who hails from that nation, but haven’t heard back just yet.

Punk’s theme takes advantage of another meaning of the word: that of a bad movie. Your blogger has little knowledge of contemporary cinema, so cannot comment on the relative merits of the various works involved.

I’ll be nerding it up at Over the Air ’10 by the time you read this, so may not be able to respond to comments and questions in a timely fashion.

*=anag, []=dropped, <=reversed, hom=homophone, cd=cryptic definition, dd=double definition.

7 OVERMATCH – O + (ARM* in VETCH). A new word for me, and perhaps not obvious from wordplay.
13 A PRIORI – RIO in APRI[l].
15 TURKEY – TUR[n]KEY, and a relatively easy one to give us our theme for the day.
17 SEE – dd.
19/26/4 SAGE AND ONION STUFFING – ON in (OFFENDING AGAINST US)*. Something you might put in a 15ac.
21 NOD – DON<.
27/12 MRS MOP – (POM’S + R[i]M)<.
28 WONDER WOMAN – I haven’t quite worked this out yet; suggestions welcome.
30 RISER – [agadi]R IS ER[ratic].
31 OBEISANCE – (B[oat] + E + IS) in OCEAN*.
3 EMIL – LIME<. This came relatively easily, having been primed to spot trees by yesterday's Morph.
5/24 THREE STRIKES – it’s one way for a batter to get “out” in baseball, and presumably another film.
9 RAMEKIN – (NIKE + MAR[s])<.
10 HAPPY – (P[in] + P[in]) in HAY.
14 OSSIA – [cr]OSS I A[ssume]. A musical term for an alternative passage which may be played instead of the original passage, so “scoring” in the musical sense. I solved this from wordplay, needless to say.
16 UDDER – [j]UDDER.
18 EPHESUS – (P[aul] + HE) in [j]ESUS.
22 DISINTER – (DIRT’S IN E[arth])*.
23 IZMIR – [s]IZ[e] + MIR.
25 KIMONO – KIM (Rudyard Kipling novel) + ONO.
28 WARD – DRAW<.
29 WASP – WAS P. This is quite hard, but it’s P as in “piano”, meaning “soft” in musical terms.

12 Responses to “Independent 7,458 by Punk”

  1. Paul B says:

    WO(N/ DER <) W/ OMAN.

  2. Pandean says:

    According to Google/Wikipedia, there is a film called ‘3 Strikes’ – and scoring three consecutive strikes in ten-pin bowling is called a turkey. I must admit I’d not heard of either.

  3. NealH says:

    According to IMDB there are two films called Three Strikes – one from the 1920s and a recent TV movie. But I don’t think either of these is famous enough to be what Punk is referring to. The bowling definition seems much more likely.

  4. RayFolwell says:

    11/8 and 23A were box office flops also known as “turkeys”

  5. Simon Harris says:

    Hm, weird – so few comments for such an interesting puzzle? Oh well, thanks to those who did join in to help me out. :)

  6. jmac says:

    I thought this was a lot of fun Particularly liked WASP, just the sort of inventive clueing I look forward to with Paul. Like you, Simon, I was helped with EMIL by yesterday’s puzzle and Ali’s comment about overloooking lime. Thanks for the very helpful blog.

  7. nmsindy says:

    Simon, it’s just that your blog was so comprehensive, little more had to be said. Thanks for that.

    I solved it and enjoyed it but knew there had to be more to it than I understood (esp as one weak on films) but it’s all been explained here.

    19/26/4 (my last answer) reminded me of the Christmas promotions starting so early this year in these recession times…

  8. flashling says:

    Good fun, I find Punk a difficult solve generally, the problem with Turkey films is that unless they are so bad they don’t register at all on the radar for anyone but film buffs and even then it’s a bit subjective. Wasp, clever, but actually I didn’t see ward until last which in hindsight is a bit odd.

    Thanks Simon et al for explaining a few I didn’t really get.

  9. Mick H says:

    I found this pretty tough – only got TURKEY after EPHESUS, and was shamefully slow with EMIL. I’m glad yesterday’s Morph helped some of you, but I racked my brain for those four-letter trees and stopped short of lime!
    I liked WASP too, and also ‘acce[ts offers’ for ONO, which I hadn’t seen before.
    Thanks for the blog, Simon, and let us know if your weekend sheds any light on modern tabloid phone-hacking tactics!

  10. pat says:

    Hated this from start to finish. Gave up.

  11. eimi says:

    Thanks for that. It’s really helpful criticism.

  12. Colin Blackburn says:

    Maybe Punk’s just been on holiday. I flew into Izmir when I was going to Ephesus. I didn’t get the film references other than Ishtar which I have a vague memory of. Though unusually for me I did the puzzle in a real paper on a train so I wasn’t able to Google anything. It was on the tough side for me but there were some very nice touches: I too likes WASP.

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