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Private Eye/Cyclops 425 – Erudite Mystery

Posted by beermagnet on September 13th, 2010


Another excellent crossword from our resident setter with no depth to his vision – presumably that’s why he concentrates on the clue’s surface.

7 GOVERNMENT G (A large sum) OVER (surplus) [brow]N MEN (chaps) T[remble]
10 NEO-NAZI A and Z (first and last) inside (ONE IN)* AInd: corruptedly
12 THE THIRD MAN CD/DD One of them ref Peter Mandelson’s recent memoir rather than the decent film of the same name written by Graham Greene so famous it even has a museum!
14/6 DON JUAN (N[ame] JUDO)* AInd: wrestling, AN (one)
15 ONSIDE SID (bloke) inside ONE (you) “OK to score” as the opposite of Off-side. Shouldn’t the enumeration be (2-4)?
16 TWEETS WEE (piss) inside TTs (non-drinkers) I should try to explain this clue in 140 characters or less, but I can’t be bothe
20/22 TWO PARTY SYSTEM ([jok]E [adversar]Y TORY MPS TWATS)* AInd: intermixed
24 IN CROWD IN (admist) C[onservative] ROW (line up) D[avid]
26 THE LEFT E[ventual] L[abour] inside THEFT (mugging) Slight definition drift here maybe – Mugging is Robbery != Theft
27 HILARY TERM HIL[l]ARY TERM (word) So, did Cyclops go to Oxford?
1 BARONESS BAR (boozer) ONE’S (your) S[econd] Def: Thatcher, maybe. I found this clue particularly tricky and had to work out the wordplay after getting the answer from the crossing letters and definition:
Boozer: your second Thatcher, maybe (8)
2 TOPIARY (POT AIRY)* AInd: vacillation
3 WELCOME WEL[l] COME (orgasm)
4/28 KNOB-HEAD BONK< HEAD (chief)
5 PERNOD PE[e]R NOD (gesture)
6 JANET JA (Merkel’s OK) N[y]ET (Putin’s dismissal [m]Y finally forgotten) First entered, indeed first attempted, and despite this making it sound easy, what a great start. I particularly liked this clue for both wordplay and surface reading:
Merkel’s OK with Putin’s dismissal “My! Finally forgotten the lady’s name” (5)
8 TETANUS E.T.A (Expected Time of Arrival) inside (NUTS)* AInd: mangled
13 NEWLY-WED DD With one referring to the supposition that in more innocent times one was a virginal “debut scorer” on your wedding night.
15 OSTRICH C[legg] inside (THIS OR)* AInd: chaos. I’m not wht the ostrich appears in crossword so much
17 ESTEEMED Es (Drugs) TEEMED (Pissed – as in rain) Last entered, probably mislead thinking pissed was an anagrind.
18 ERUDITE U[nited] DIT (say, French-style) inside ERE (before)
19 MYSTERY MY (Cyclops’s) REST< [jimm]Y Favourite clue:
Cyclops’s rest over: end of Jimmy Riddle (7)
21 ON CALL C[ocaine] inside/between ON (performing) and ALL (the full Monty)
23 MUTED ED (Balls) after TUM<
25 OARS Hidden in twO ARSes

A propos Don Juan: An acquaintance who’s a bit of a “Jack the lad” tells me he is going out with a couple anorexic girls.
Two birds – One stone.

8 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 425 – Erudite Mystery”

  1. Rishi says:

    In 18d MY STER Y, I don’t think there is a reversal of REST, which would actually be RETS. Is ‘over’ then an AInd?

  2. Rishi says:

    Sorry, there is a typo in my Comment above. I meant the reversal of REST doesn’t work.
    Part of the sentence should have read: “…which would actually be TSER.”

  3. Rishi says:

    Both the terms ONSIDE and offside are given as single words in the Chambers dictionary.
    But often I too feel that certain terms should indeed be hyphened when they are indicated as single words in crossword clues.
    Also, often no two dictionaries seem to agree on hyphenation of words.
    I am not for the increasing trend of dropping hyphens.

  4. beermagnet says:

    Rishi, you are right, of course, on all counts. I’m happy enough with OVER as an AInd, it’s just that I “saw” it as a reversal and it fitted the answer. I am also happy enough with unhyphenated ONSIDE. Cyclops usually respects hyphens, so I was a little surprised in this case.

  5. Chatty Corner says:

    Greetings !
    I thought this was the easiest Eye crossword that I’d ever tried – and I’ve been doing them for about 5 years. It’s true that the setter must be an Oxford man – Hilary Term is the most obscure one here.
    I feel that sometimes the setter does stretch the rules of accuracy. YOUR = ONE’S ? I don’t think so.

  6. sidey says:

    ONSIDE is foopball, ON-SIDE is cricket, well according to the OED.

    I don’t see a problem with your = one’s, they are often interchangeable in phrases, not that I can think of an example at the minute.

  7. Beaker says:

    Fastest completion for me yet. Though I had to get Google to help me confirm ‘Hilary Term’, which I thought a little too obscure.

  8. John Dean says:

    I didn’t think ‘Hilary Term’ was particularly obscure. As well as the name of an Oxford term it’s the name of a Trinity College term and in both cases is derived from one of the terms of the English legal year.
    Cyclops is Eddie James aka Brummie. I don’t know whether he went to Oxford.

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