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Inquisitor 1142: Jeffrey by Loda

Posted by HolyGhost on September 15th, 2010


There are 13 definition-only answers, leading to thematic entries (“all reel [sic] words”).
The remaining clues each have an extra word, letters 1 & 3 of which spell a quotation; the author’s pseudonym is to be highlighted.

After a while “IT IS A PITY THAT CHAWCER …” suggested itself, but looking in the index of ODQ was no help. A bit of perseverance gave “IT IS A PITY THAT CHAWCER, WHO WAS A GENEYUS, WAS SO UNEDICATED. HE’S THE WUSS SPELLER I KNOW OF.” by ARTEMUS WARD (Charles Farrar Browne, 19th century American humorist). Checked ODQ: still no joy in the index, but it’s there in the body.

The thematic entries were homophones of the definition-only answers, e.g. HERB: answer = THYME, entry = TIME. A couple of slightly dodgy ones? Chambers respells CAUGHT as köt, but COURT as kört; and FORT as fört, but FOUGHT as föt. (My Home Counties’ colleague says it’s OK; but us northerners may well demur.)

And Jeffrey is of course Geoffrey.

Confess that I’m baffled by the clue to 4d … what’s the wordplay?
(Hear possibly Eliza What’s-her-name say mostly “‘and over ‘asty” articulated thus.)

[XYZ]! = homophone.

No. Answer
(thematic entry)
(definition: answer)
1 SETTLE InTerior SEATTLE (=his coastal city) – A(merican)
MARQUES notes: marks
8 ADMIRE InSide [MAID]* + RE (=about)
9 UREA ApParently Hidden: (harbo)UR EA(ten)
{Jimmy (=urinating)}
COURT dismissed: caught
10 SENIOR InTerviews [IS ON R(acin)E]*
11 CUTTER YeT C (=circa, about) before UTTER (=speak)
STRAIT normal: straight
ARMS relief: alms
15 EVER HeAds (s)EVER (=separate)
17 THETA TiCked THE (=article) + TA (=thanks)
18 OUTSOLE HeAlthy OUT (=not in) + SO (=in this condition) + LEAF – A – F(ine)
{creeper (=soft-soled shoe)}
20 TRITE WiCket [(h)ITTER]*
CRUDE manned: crewed
23 SAMSHOO EaRwigging SAM (=together, Spenser) + SHOO (=scram)
25 AYONT WuHan A(bsent) + [TONY]*
26 HART OtHer HA(ve) + R(i)T (=scratch)
28 EMUS AdDitional ASSUME (=take over) rev. – A – S(econd)
STARES flight: stairs
31 OXALIC NeEded (brill)O + [CALIX]*
32 SKIVE YoUng SKI (=runner) + V(ery) + (to)E
33 ANON SoW A(ccepted) + (a)NON(a) (=fruit)
34 AVENUE AsSigned A (=one) + VENUE (=meeting-place)
REIGNED showered: rained
35 OGRESS ShOrt E(cstasy) in [GROSS]*
No. Answer
(thematic entry)
(definition: answer)
1 SUCCOTASH UrN SUC(k) (=drain) + COT (=small boat) + ASH (=dust)
TAUT instructed: taught
2 TARTY EnDeavours (frac)T(ions) + ARTY (=creative)
3 EMBRACE InCapable EMCE(e) (=link man) around BRA (=supporter)
4 MISPRONOUNCED AsTy {?} don’t see what’s going on here
5 RENT EnDpaper Double definition (=paid for flat; torn)
QUIRES groups: choirs
6 EERIE HyEna E’ER (=always) before IE (=i.e., that’s)
7 SALT SaTay Double definition (=add piquancy; in heat, obs.)
FOUGHT keep: fort
12 GERM HuEd G(r)E(y) R(a)M
13 LATHE WoUld LATH (=thin wooden strip) + E(rupt)
14 STRAW SuSpended S(unday) + WART (=dislike person) rev.
19 ODOR EcLiptic [ODER]! (=European river)
21 CASSINO LeE Hidden: (Clarks)ON IS SAC(ked), rev.
22 ENDIVE RuIned END (=last portion) before IV (=four) + (caf)E
24 STRANG KaNtha STRANG(e) (=not formerly known)
{William STRANG, Scottish painter}
27 ATONE OsWald TON (=hundred) in AE (=same, Scot)
ANKER rest: anchor
SOAR irritable: sore
29 ELAN OxFord Hidden: (on)E LAN(dlady)
TIME herb: thyme


4 Responses to “Inquisitor 1142: Jeffrey by Loda”

  1. Phi says:

    4d – it seems to be ‘Mis’ (hear possibly Eliza) + pronoun (What’s-Her-Name say) + ced(e) (mostly hand over) though I can’t say I worked it out for myself at the time.

  2. Hi of Hihoba says:

    Excellent crossword. Inquisitors are always enjoyable when they raise a smile! I struggled with “mispronounced” for a long time, and came to the same conclusion as Phi. I never did manage to explain the wordplay in HART, so thanks for that HolyGhost!
    I found the quotation from the opposite end – I looked up “speller I know of” in and it came up immediately.
    I found two slight problems with the mis-spellings. In fought=fort=keep I couldn’t find a link in Chambers between fort and keep (they actually mean different things), and quires is a legitimate spelling of choirs – “In quires and places where they sing”. Neither was enough to put me off though.

  3. HolyGhost says:

    Phi – thanks. I’d considered ‘mis’ + ‘pronoun’ but stumbled over ‘ced(e)’, so I’m glad that that’s cleared that up.

    Hi(hoba) – I think the FORT/KEEP link is via ‘stronghold': fort is defined as ‘a small fortress’, ‘fortress’ is one of the definitions of stronghold, and ‘stronghold’ is one of the definitions of keep.

  4. Mike Laws says:

    Thanks for doing the honours on ‘mispronounced’, Phi.

    As far as the equivalence of fought/fort and caught/court is concerned, I received a somewhat less than laid-back comment from a Mr MacDonald on the subject, and managed to appease him as follows:

    Short of banning a large number of homophonic possibilities available to crossword setters, the most practical recourse is to apply (as defined in Chambers) “Received Pronunciation n the particular pronunciation of British English which is generally regarded as being least regionally limited, most socially acceptable, and is considered the standard.”

    The indexes in ODQs since the 2nd edition have become increasingly inadequate. I suppose it’s just something we’ll all have to put up with.

    Most important, though, is the enjoyment of the puzzle, and I found this one great fun.

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