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Independent 7464 by Phi

Posted by flashling on 17th September 2010


Friday already so it must be Phi and it is. The usual Phi standard with the one exception that I could never have got.
Yes I know, cue the rumblings about the poor education standards of today. :-) No obvious themes or Ninas to me anyway.

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Financial Times 13,493 / Bradman

Posted by shuchi on 17th September 2010


I worked my way up from the lower half of the grid and was stuck on the top-right for a while. Great stuff from Bradman, and I’m happy I get to blog his puzzles frequently on the Friday slot.

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Guardian 25,118 / Paul

Posted by mhl on 17th September 2010


A tricky puzzle from Paul, I think, with a theme of card games – lots of clever clues, and fun to work on. (For the first time in ages I’m doing this on an actual copy of the Guardian, being briefly back in the UK!)

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