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Financial Times 13,496 / Phssthopk

Posted by Agentzero on September 21st, 2010


Nothing too tough here, except that the explanation for 3 down eludes me.  5 down was amusing, and many of the clues had fine surfaces.

1 MARSHLANDS MARS (alien planet) H (hard) LANDS (touches down)
7 BUST dd
9 GAME MEGA (fantastic) with the first and last halves switched
10 MEMBERSHIP MEMBERS (legs) HIP (joint)
11 MIASMA ASM (air-to-surface missile) in MIA (missing in action)
12 NARRATOR RAN reversed + RAT (traitor) OR
15 OPEC OP (work) EC (City)
17 BAAL BAA (make sheepish noise) L (front of Lucifer)
19 NUISANCE hidden in parveNU IS ANCEstral
23 TEA SET TEASE (rag) T[ime]
25 PARAPHRASE PARA (soldier) PHRASE (homophone of FRAYS (unravels))
26 TRIG dd; TRIG[onometry]
27 ODDS OD (excessive drug use) DS (detective sergeant, so police officer)
28 WIDE-SCREEN CR (credit) in WIDE (extra) SEEN (viewed)
3 STETS I’m unsure about this one, but can’t think of what else fits Thanks, Gaufrid: this is STETS[on] (the hat, with “off” = “not ‘on'”)
4 LAMBASTE LAM[b] (carve end off meat) BASTE (pour over juices)
5 NO MAN IS AN ISLAND d&cd.  Is Man a peninsula? “No, Man is an island.”  Chuckled at this.
6 SWEARS S[uccess] WEARS 9causes friction)
7 BOSSA NOVA BOSS (manage) A NOVA (star)
8 SKI POLE SKIP (bound) OLE (encouraging word); the definition is “support on the run”
14 SALAD DAYS d&cd
16 DISTRESS IST (first) in DRESS (women’s clothing).  Like the surface here!
18 ARMBAND ARM (distribute weapons) BAND (corps)
20 CHEMISE CHEMIST (scientist) substituting E[nergy] for T[ime]
21 NEPHEW P (quietly) HE in NEW (young)
24 ATTAR AT (about) TAR (contaminate)

2 Responses to “Financial Times 13,496 / Phssthopk”

  1. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Agentzero
    I too had SHEDS for a while at 3dn but also couldn’t justify it. The answer is STETS. The wordplay is STETS[on] (hat off, with ‘off’ being read as ‘not on’) and ‘stet’ is an instruction not to delete something previously indicated for deletion, in other words ‘leave’.

  2. Agentzero says:

    Thanks, Gaufrid. That’s quite clever. I’ll fix the blog.

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