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Independent 7472 by Nitsy

Posted by nmsindy on 27th September 2010


Nice puzzle by Nitsy which varied from quite easy in places to quite tricky, solving time 32 mins.

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Guardian Quiptic 567 / Don Putnam

Posted by Pierre on 27th September 2010

I thought this was a sound puzzle for those at the start of their cryptic solving careers. Some straightforward solves to get you going with some crossing letters, and then the rest falling into place with a bit of pencil-chewing.  I’ve tried to give full explanations for the solutions to help newer solvers.

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Guardian 25,126 / Brendan

Posted by Eileen on 27th September 2010


It’s always rather disorientating not to start the week with Rufus but even more so to see Brendan’s name on a Monday puzzle. However, this was more straightforward than many of his, since the entertaining theme was clearly spelled out in the middle row and then exploited to the full. Impeccable cluing, as ever, and some neat misdirection. Many thanks, Brendan, for a great start to the week.

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Private Eye/Cyclops 426 – Crabby diddle

Posted by beermagnet on 27th September 2010


I got one wrong.  And I even sent in my entry for the prize competition with it wrong.
So I’m expecting my entry to be picked from the gazillions – and then rejected.  And then it’ll be another 400 years before I’m picked again, on average.  So I’ll just have to console myself with another pint. Read the rest of this entry »

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