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Private Eye/Cyclops 426 – Crabby diddle

Posted by beermagnet on September 27th, 2010


I got one wrong.  And I even sent in my entry for the prize competition with it wrong.
So I’m expecting my entry to be picked from the gazillions – and then rejected.  And then it’ll be another 400 years before I’m picked again, on average.  So I’ll just have to console myself with another pint.

4/13 COPPING A FEEL COP (bobby) PIN then FEE inside GAL Yet again a straightforward clue to begin, so I managed to get the “first clue read, first answer entered” flying start
7 SOLIDUS (SAD LOUIS – A)* AInd: cracked. Def: “/” (a slash) Wikipedia says there’s a difference between a “Solidus” and a “Slash” – punctuationally, I mean.  First I’d heard of it.
11 LOINCLOTH (COOL THIN [hese]L[tine])* AInd: wound round
12 BEHEMOTH (ME,HE)< inside BOTH
15 LOURDES (SOD RULE)* AInd: Drunken.
17 PREPLAN (LAP)* AInd: dancing, inside PEN (cage – penitentiary) with R[ight] inside
21 HEADCASE HEAD (male with promotion) CASE (suit – in the legal sense)
24 RAVING MAD (VAGINA MR D[ay])* AInd: Jogging
25 AZTEC A Z (one, just one indication of snoring) (ETC)* AInd: getting screwed. Def: Old Indian. I must admit I got this wrong having written in ATTIC from “Old” and A-T-C [b]rushing over the wordplay, and didn’t see this till doing the blog
26 PARVENU (A PERV)* AInd: iffy, UN<
27/19 TABLOID PRESS I (one) inside (OLD BAT)* AInd: terrible, PRESS (iron)
1 DIDDLE PIDDLE replace P[arking] with D[emocrat] Def: scam
2 ISAIAH IS (Breathes) A1 (first class) A H[ot] Tricky wordplay here
3 BLOCKADE LOCK (a catch) inside BADE (told)
4 CASK C[onservative] ASK (question)
5 PLATEAU P[aisley] ATE (consumed) U[nionists] with [mora]L inside
6/21 GALLOWS HUMOUR CD An appropriate answer for the long drop in this grid. I declare this Crypic Def my favourite of the puzzle:
Grim style of a comedian about to be suspended? (7,6)
8 DRONE DR (Doctor) ON E (regularly taking drugs) Def: buzz. Last in – I was fooled by “regularly” into looking for alternating letter wordplay. I liked the def because that’s all Drones do apart from mate, like Bertie Wooster, that’s why he joined the Drones Club
9 ST HELENA (SEAN THE L[eft])* AInd: pissed.
14 CLAPTRAP CLAP (put your hands together) PART< (role reversed)
16 DISINTER DI (Brian’s ex) (ISN’T)* AInd: daft, ER (Brenda).  The tastelessness of the royalty-based wordplay nearly gained the top clue gong:
“To dig up Brian’s ex isn’t daft,” Brenda (8)
17 PLAUDIT (TIP DUAL)* AInd: screwing
18 LESOTHO SOT (piss artist) inside (HOLE)* AInd: awful
20 ELVER L[ength] inside EVER (continually)

I’m very keen on natural food, but I wonder if it does me any good – turns out most people die of natural causes.

3 Responses to “Private Eye/Cyclops 426 – Crabby diddle”

  1. Chatty Corner says:

    Pretty simple one, I thought. But the setter is stretching the definition of a homonym beyond breaking point with BREATHES = IS !

  2. beermagnet says:

    I know what you mean CC, I had a sharp intake of i when I saw it.

  3. Chatty Corner says:

    Yes, for me half the fun in the Eye crossword is being able to spot what the answers should be (ISAIAH was pretty obvious), and then trying to understand the clues !

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