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Independent – 7474 by DAC

Posted by flashling on September 29th, 2010


A lot of double definitions today it seems. Usual good stuff from Dac but I don’t get the wordplay for 21d

1 Booth – DD
4 Maquisard – QUI in (DRAMAS)* ; An underground guerilla fighter in France in WW2
9 Offensive – DD
10 Float – As in Milk Float
11 Direst -D(eserted) I(sland) + REST
12 Standard – DD Flag/colours and quality
14 Caballeros – CABAL + (ROLES)*
16 Tiff – F(ellow) + F(emale) + IT Reversed and CD
19 Suet – SUE + (fa)T
20 Comedienne – E(ast) and N(orth) in COME DINE
22 Making it – MAKING I.T.
23 Moscow – M(ale) + OS + COW (bullY)
26 Crowd – C + ROWD(y)
27 Treadmill – (MA TRIED)* + LL (Pounds)
28 Sentenced – S.E.N. + TENCED (Tensed Hom) (21 On Edge)
29 RiskY – R.I. + SKY

1 Boondocks – BOON + DOCKS
2 Offer – (c)OFFERS
3 Honestly – NEST in HOLY
4 Maid – Hidden reversed in (in)DIAM(an)
5 Questioned – (SQUID NOTE)* around E
6 Infant – FAN in INT(ernational)
7 Adoration – A + D(evil) + Oration
8 Dated – DD
13 Hedonistic – HE + DON + I + STIC (hom stick)
15 Breakdown – DD
17 Free Willy – FREE WILL + third letter of (da)Y
18 Disorder – DIS (underworld) + ORDER (monks)
21 On Edge –
22 Maces – MACE + (girl)S
24 Chips – C + HIPS
25 Dead – iDlE hAnDs (alternate letters)

15 Responses to “Independent – 7474 by DAC”

  1. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thank you for the blog, flashling. Tougher than your average Dac, I thought, but enjoyable nonetheless. MAQUISARD I’d never heard of, and despite getting the fact that there was the French QUI in the middle of it and understanding that there was an anagram involved as well, it was my last to go in. I haven’t heard BOONDOCKS for ages.

    One of those puzzles where in my opinion you have to spend a minute or two savouring the surfaces after you’ve got the buzz from finishing it. 17dn stands out, but there are plenty of others too.

    I couldn’t understand ON EDGE at first, but I fancy it’s ON (about) and EDGE (worm, in the sense of worming/edging your way into something), unless someone has a better idea.

  2. Simon Harris says:

    Good stuff from Dac once again. Finished relatively quickly, but not quickly enough for it not to be a satisfying challenge. I similarly didn’t spot the wordplay for ON EDGE, but I think KD’s interpretation makes sense.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, flashling. I thought this was going to be very easy indeed until I got stuck for quite a while in the SE corner. Excellent as always from Dac with my favourites TIFF, SUET and QUESTIONED. I agree with K’s D and Simon re EDGE (vb).

  4. scchua says:

    Another fine offering from Dac, thanks and thanks for the blog, flashling

    My favourites were the last 3 to be entered: 20A: COMEDIENNE, 4A: MAQUISARD, which fell into place after getting “qui” = “who in France”, which in turn led to 5D: QUESTIONED with the seamless definition and wordplay.

    The only question is (though it didn’t prevent getting the solution) 11A: I(sland) is fine, but isn’t D(eserted) or even D(eserted) I(sland) somewhat non-conventional?

  5. nmsindy says:

    Re comment 4, scchua, I think what’s happening there is that d = deserted and i = island are completely separate abbrevs. ‘deserted’ is in dicts, while I’ve not hunted down where it comes from, it might used by social security to describe someone whose partner had left.

  6. scchua says:

    Thanks nms.
    Taking your cue, did some research, and “D” does stand for “divorced” which is sort of “deserted” or for “deceased” which at a stretch stands for “deserted”

  7. walruss says:

    Yes, I too enjoyed this one, with its easy clueing style. A couple of tough words handled well, which is a skill some other people could try to pick up!! Agree with the ON EDGE pasring above.

  8. scchua says:

    Following on from my@6…In which case the wordplay is not “D(eserted)” but “D(ivorced)” or “D(eceased)”. Is this what Dac had in mind?

  9. flashling says:

    Re Deserted, I’ve seen it used like this

  10. Noddy says:

    134 Moby Thesaurus words for “worm”:
    amble, angleworm, animal, armyworm, beast, blast, blight, blighter,
    bollworm, bookworm, cancer, canker, claudicate, contort, corkscrew,
    cotton worm, crawl, creep, crinkle, cur, dog, dogtrot, drag,
    drag along, drag out, dry rot, earthworm, earworm, edge in,

  11. Allan_C says:

    I’d definitely agree with K’s D about savouring the surfaces. Some great clus here: 14a,26a,3d,17d and 18d to name but a few.

  12. Richard says:

    Very nice puzzle. “Boondocks” was new to me, and I was pleased to find it in Chambers having guessed it from the wordplay. Harder than the usual Dac, but readily solvable, given enough time.

  13. Colin Blackburn says:

    Excellent puzzle though I completely failed to parse 20ac and couldn’t even guess it from the checking letters. I was looking for a synonym of invitation!

  14. redddevil says:

    Nice puzzle but not sure how a cow is bully any more than a woman would be manly.

  15. flashling says:

    It’s not a cow but “to cow” which means to bully. A nice play on words and misdirection from Dac.

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