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Independent 7481 by Bannsider

Posted by flashling on October 7th, 2010


Bannsider today, not sure I’ve seen him other than Saturday before. If there are any Nina type things I’ve completely missed it. Pretty tough I thought. There’s one I can’t see at all though.

Here goes then
8 Buckingham, BUCKING + HAM
9 Mayo, MAYO(r)
10 Benj, Referring to Ben Johnson the disgraced sprinter.Not sure about the drug bit, it’s one that’s passed me by.
11 Red Nose Day, ((i)N ODD YEARS (dat)E)*. It’s also held biannually so a CD as well. Thanks Pandean @2  missed that
12 Kismet, (luc)K IS MET
13 Vine Prop, NE + PRO(for) in VIP
15 Seve Ballesteros, took me a while to get the word play. SEVE(r) BALLE(S)T (dancing around S) EROS
18 Falsetto, F + A + L + SET TO
20 Hoaxer, O + A + X in HER
21 Woodpecker, W(ith) + O + DO (rev) + keep your PECKER up
23 Even, (s)EVEN(s)
24 Plod, P(ity) + (OLD)*
25 Eco Tourist, E (number base “e” – approx 2.718281828… it’s irrational I know) + (ROOT IS CUT)*
1 Juvenile, JUVE(ntus) NIL + E.
2 Ski Jumpers, SKI(p) JUMPERS
3 In a rut, Hidden rev. in sepul(TURA NI)virana
4 The devil you know, Better the devil etc is superior I suppose with devil/dickens
5 Impounds, I +M(thousand) POUNDS
6 Smee, (s)EEMS rev.
7 Dynamo, Football team in Moscow. MANY in O.D . rev
14 Pied-A-Terre, Room for a bit I guess but the wordplay eludes me – over to you chaps.
16 Antlered. L in (TREE AND)*
17 Over easy. Fried egg style, OVER  + EASY a piece of cake
19 Apollo, god of the Sun A + POLL zero
20 Herzog, German film director HER(t)Z + O.G.
22 Dodo, As dead as a… and 2 * DO.

17 Responses to “Independent 7481 by Bannsider”

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi flashling and well done on the blog – a tough one, as you say.

    14: PIE-DATER [one establishing freshness of pastry] + RE [touching] – one of my favourite clues in a challenging but rewarding puzzle.

  2. Pandean says:

    Thanks for the blog flashling.

    10ac I’d not heard of benj. Chambers simply defines it as ‘bhang’ (Indian hemp/hashish). The Urban Dictionary has other meanings for ‘benj’, which may or may not be of interest.

    11ac I had the anagram as (IN ODD YEARS)* with the I (one) replaced by (dat)E.

    22dn I’m not sure about ‘Winger no longer’ as a definition for ‘dodo’, since the dodo was a flightless bird and thus never winged at all.

  3. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for the blog, flashling, and Bannsider for the puzzle. V tough and v satisfying, so much to enjoy, esp VINE-PROP, SEVE BALLESTEROS, PLOD, ECOTOURIST, ANTLERED, APOLLO, DODO (re the latter, Pandean at comment 2 , I guess the fact that the DODO had wings might cover it)

  4. Richard R says:

    Thanks for the blog. Quite a challenge. It looked it was going to be a pangram but the Q never appeared!

  5. scchua says:

    Thanks flashling for the blog and Bannsider.

    After taking a long time to not finish the last Bannsider, I wasn’t hopeful about this one. It was difficult, but finally got to all but 13A VINE PROP (got stuck with VINE POLE, ole=approval=for) & 7D DYNAMO, and in a much improved time versus the last one. Got off to a surprisingly easy start with 14D PIED-A-TERRE (a humorous concept – pie-dater) & 15A SEVE BALLESTEROS (okay, got the golfing reference but not the footballing one), but then proceeded in fits and starts.

    Favourite clues besides 15A & 14D were 21A WOODPECKER & 25A ECOTOURIST (liked “base” = e).

  6. Derrick Knight says:

    Phew! What a struggle. Well done to setter and especially blogger. Could version refer to the song?

  7. Derrick Knight says:

    That is ‘version’ in 4 down.

  8. Quixote says:

    Mostly solved in the waiting room of the John Radcliffe Trauma Unit ( where my broken collarbone was adjudged healed). Finished at home with some electronic help. An enjoyable one for the professionals this, but they constitute a small minority of the solving public!

  9. Richard says:

    Speaking as a member of the solving public, I found this very tough, but I’m delighted to report that I’ve just managed to finish it (and without electronic help) despite “benj” not featuring in Don’s Crossword Dictionary (perhaps it’s in the forthcoming second edition?), and there being no Nina around the perimeter. Phew! Now perhaps I can have a go at at least one of the Times, Guardian and FT before falling asleep?

  10. flashling says:

    Glad I wasn’t the only one to find this hard. Richard @4 I suspected pangram as I was solving this, suspect that the setter had aimed for it. Don sorry to hear about the injury. Derrick @6/7 the version bit still niggles me. (And Ali don’t expect more favours for thursdays :-) )

  11. flashling says:

    14d argh! Seeing the answer and hearing it in my head in French rather than English blew it for me, damn my French teaching father!

  12. Eileen says:

    Hi flashling

    It’s always hazardous to swap blogging dates – I know, having once missed a gem of an Araucaria!

    I don’t know the song to which Derrick is referring but I read the clue simply as

    The devil you know is a better / superior verson of Dickens than the one you don’t.

    Richard, I confess to having cheated on 11ac [great clue!] and 20dn to complete this but I still say it was worth it.

    My other favourite clues were SEVE BALLESTEROS, MOSCOW and ANTLERED.

    Equally sorry to hear of Don’s injury but glad to hear of the outcome.

    Many thanks again for the blog – and to Bannsider for a super puzzle.

  13. flashling says:

    Eileen I assume you meant Dynamo rather than Moscow, still that this wasn’t a Saturday makes me fear for an impossible weekend. Thank goodness it wasn’t quite as bad as That Nimrod.

  14. Eileen says:

    flashling, yes, of course I meant DYNAMO: ‘Time for bed’, said Zebedee.

    You’ve certainly drawn the short straw lately with this and’That Nimrod’. :-)

  15. jetdoc says:

    I started this last night and only just found time to finish it. Great puzzle, Bannsider, though I struggled with some of the football team references.

  16. Handel says:

    Found this a bit too tough to be enjoyable, although it was all very sound and clever in retrospect. I was never going to get 15ac from the def. and the wordplay wasn’t all that helpful, which was a hinderance. Not a great example IMHO.

  17. Bannsider says:

    The football team should have been Dynamo Kiev really not Dynamo Moscow, but I thought the concept of legions marching round Moscow slightly less bizarre than round Kiev (and perhaps wishful thinking!)

    Cheers jetdoc if you are around at the weekend I will buy you a thank you drink :-)

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