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Enigmatic Variations 934: Origin by Samuel

Posted by Dave Hennings on 9th October 2010

Dave Hennings.

I normally leave the occasional rant to my other blogging duties at Listen With Others, but I’m feeling a bit mischievous as I write this. What I want to know is why do crossword editors not consider the trouble that a grid without clue numbers causes us bloggers?! There’s no excuse for it, and I’m forced to draw my own replacement grid (thanks to Sympathy)! There, that’s better, but don’t even get me started on a carte blanche … it’ll be just my luck to get saddled with one next month. OK, rant over.

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Guardian 25,131 (Sat 2 Oct)/Puck – Arrogate-gate

Posted by rightback on 9th October 2010


Solving time: 10½ minutes.

The two central answers this week combined to yield ‘British resort’ (’15 19′ in several clues), and there were several such hidden in the grid. Usually when there’s a theme I look at the thematic clues first but this week was very unusual in that I actually managed to ‘cold solve’ them, which sped things up a lot. It also helped a lot that I’ve lived near all of Whitby, Harrogate and Pwllheli in the last couple of years and had heard of the other resorts apart from Saltburn, although the clue to ‘Sidmouth’ caused me some consternation and ARROGATE at 20ac was a real stumbling block.

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Independent 7477 (Sat 2-Oct) Punk

Posted by beermagnet on 9th October 2010


Punk (Paul really) is promised at a gathering in a few weeks: Nov 30: Secrets of the setters.

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