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Independent 7477 (Sat 2-Oct) Punk

Posted by beermagnet on October 9th, 2010


Punk (Paul really) is promised at a gathering in a few weeks: Nov 30: Secrets of the setters.

In this crossword I felt he did not push the boundaries of his “libertarian” tag.  All clues very fair, definitions solid, and wordplay for the most part frankly Ximenean.  A few risqué surfaces but nothing I would go as far as calling smutty.  I made a note that I got 9 answers on the first pass which is good for me, and a damn sight more than I got for most of the weekdays this week, so not too hard for a Prize grid.

8 ELEVEN [p]ELE VEN[t] First answer entered but not first read – I tried and failed with the leftmost column down clues first
9 MITIGATE (GIT,I)< inside MATE Last in, mainly because I couldn’t think of “temper” as a verb, plus the unfriendly crossing letters -I-I-A-E could be many, many things
10 ARAMAIC I AM inside CARA all reversed.  Nice risqué surface.
12 BOHEMIA HEM I inside BOA (being constricted) Very good ref to a Boa Constrictor
13 BOW-LEGGED OWL inside BEGGED Def: curved pins – pins as in legs
15 LUCRE C[odes] inside LURE (draw)
16 FEAR FOR ONE’S LIFE (OF ALIENS FOR FREE)* AInd: to regenerate. Nice SF surface
17 CLOTH CLOT (thicken) H[ard]
18 TAIWANESE (A W[estern] I[de]A) inside (E[ast],SENT) all reversed
20 CALIBRE LIB (party) inside CARE (mind)
21 GOSLING GO (withdraw) SLING (support)
23 RUSTLING RUST (reddish-brown) LING (fish)
24 KNIGHT Homophone “night” (dark) Def: Man, as in chess
1 BEDAUB BED (bottom) AU (gold) B[lack]
2 MELA Hidden in becoME LArger.  No doubt these festivals do get larger: Kumbh_Mela
3 BEWARE OF THE BULL BEWARE OF (watch out) THE BULL (deceit).  Around here often used on a sign to keep people out when the field has seen little more than an old donkey for decades.
4 LIMBO DANCING I’M BOD (a person) inside LANCING (piercing)
5 NICHOLAS PARSONS Homophone “Knickerless Parsons”.  I’m not complaining about this homophone – anyone who was at school in the last 60 years with someone called Nicholas would’ve heard this many times, as no doubt has Nicholas Parsons himself
6 WAR MACHINE WARM (friendly) A CHINE (a bit of backbone)
7 NEPALESE NE[wt] (ASLEEP)* AInd: legless
14 WEAPONLESS WE, ONL[y] inside APES, S[truggle]
16 FACE CARD FACE (boldness) CARD (eccentric) Def: Queen perhaps
19 EIGHTY [w]EIGHTY  We’ve this wordplay and answer a few times recently
22 IAGO I (one) AGO (back)  The archetypal traitor

5 Responses to “Independent 7477 (Sat 2-Oct) Punk”

  1. Allan_C says:

    Nothing to complain about, although some answers took a while to work out. I wondered if there was going to be an Asian theme with TAIWANESE and NEPALESE, plus MELA, but it looks like it was just coincidence.

  2. scchua says:

    Thanks beermagnet for the blog, and thanks Puck for an eminently do-able prize puzzle.

    Got off to a flying start with the long 16A FEAR FOR ONE’S LIFE, and helped along the way by 18A TAIWANESE and 7D NEPALESE, which were straightforward enough once it was decided that the definition was “Asian”.

    Favourite clues were 13A BOWLEGGED, an amusing definition, 12A BOHEMIA, “constricted” standing for both wordplay instruction and the snake, and 5D NICHOLAS PARSONS, reminding me of his programme, Just A Minute (how does one get to listen online?), but a small quiblle: can one equate “knickerless” to being naked, in these libertarian times?

  3. scchua says:

    PS Apologies to Punk for spelling his name wrong.

  4. nmsindy says:

    Thanks for blog, beermagnet, and to Punk for the puzzle. I also did not find it too difficult, favourite clue BEWARE OF THE BULL.

  5. flashling says:

    Easy for a Saturday for me as was today’s, loved the beware clue. Normally I have problems with the Pun King but not this time round.f

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